If you are a Whisky Lover then Whisky Flavour is right for you. We provide the opportunity to taste different whisky through the Whisky Flavour Box.

The Whisky Flavour Box contains four original branded miniatures of Whisky.

It makes it possible and easier to have a Whisky Tasting session with friends, or by yourself. Even makes an amazing and original gift!



whisky and weight gain

Does whisky make you fat?

Does whisky make you fat? There is no easy way to answer this question as there are too many variables…

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best whiskies

World’s Best Whiskies in 2017 – Part I

Let´s have a close look at the World’s Best Whiskies in 2017! In part I we want to focus amongst other things on bourbon, Canadian blended and grain whisky!

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Whisky Best Christmas gift

Perfect Christmas gift

Perfect Christmas gift Trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for anyone on your Christmas list is inevitably going to…

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World’s Best Whiskies

Best Scotch Brands

Best Scotch Brands Trying to find the best scotch brands can be a bit of a tall task on its…

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Give the gift of fine whiskey

Gift the gift of a fine whiskey this year When Jesus turn water into wine at that wedding, the host…

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Malt whisky brands

Malt whisky brands As part of your subscription to Whisky Flavor, you are going to have the unique opportunity to…

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Whisky gift

Whisky gift If you have been having a tough time finding the perfect gift for that special someone in your…

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Welcome to Whisky Flavour

Popular whisky

Popular whisky Since you are going to be receiving a delivery of at least four sample bottles of popular whisky…

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Whisky Best Christmas gift

Christmas gift idea

Christmas gift idea Searching for a great Christmas gift idea that is really going to excite someone special in your…

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