If you are a Whisky Lover then Whisky Flavour is right for you. We provide the opportunity to taste different whisky through the Whisky Flavour Box.

The Whisky Flavour Box contains four original branded miniatures of Whisky.

It makes it possible and easier to have a Whisky Tasting session with friends, or by yourself. Even makes an amazing and original gift!



Whisky and Cheese Pairing Guide

Let us be honest, who does not love Whisky and Cheese? You might be used to have these two separately,…

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A toast to all dads

It is that time of the year again. Time to celebrate the wonderful job of all dads all around the…

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Irish whiskey story

The first Irish whiskey record dates back to 1405. This record comes around 90 years before the first recorded whiskey…

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Food Lovers: A Whisky Recipe part 6

Tomorrow is Sunday, which means that it is the perfect day for a roast. You probably have already your family…

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Whiskey for Valentine’s Day

We are only three weeks for Valentine. It is the perfect time to start planning for the gift for your…

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Food Lovers: A Whisky Recipe part 5

We are right at the middle of winter and there is nothing better than an apple tart. However, even better…

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Make room for the new Jane Walker

Last year, Johnnie Walker launched a new female version of its whisky in the United States. They called her, Jane…

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credits The Whisky Ledger

Rare whisky market has fake whiskeys

A warn sent out by a whisky dealer made laboratories start analysing the rare whisky market. Because of this The…

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