Discover the Top Three Benefits of a Whisky Subscription

Whiskey Subscription

Discover the Top Three Benefits of a Whisky Subscription

Do you love sampling whiskys? Do you find the cost of investing in full bottles to be a bit much? If you answered, “yes”, to either or both questions, you should know that signing up for our whisky subscription service today will be the best way to access four incredible whiskys per subscription box, according to a one-month, three-month or six-month schedule.

Choose the frequency that you prefer. Also, choose the whisky “age” that suits you best! Then, sit back and relax as our team puts together a cool, keepsake-quality. reusable wooden box which features four original, miniature-sized bottles of whisky. We have amazing single malts, blends and other types of whiskys in our inventory, so you’ll be able to try the world’s best, without needing to spend a fortune.

Our service is so practical, affordable and fun. This is why more and more people are treating themselves to whisky subscriptions or giving them to friends as gifts.

Today, we’d like to share the top three benefits of a whisky subscription with you!


1.) You Will Spend Less to Taste More

Since we send out original, miniature bottles of whisky, rather than full-sized bottles, you’ll be able to sample whiskys from the world’s premier distilleries without busting your budget. Our subscription box service is really the best way to try the whiskys that you’ve always wanted to taste, without needing to buy full bottles of all of them.

Some people have tasting parties when they receive their boxes. Others enjoy sampling these exquisite whiskys on their own. However you want to enjoy them, you’ll know that you won’t have to pay for full bottles and you’ll be able to become a bona fide whisky connoisseur (if you aren’t one already!) without the usual high expense.

Plus, our service is so much fun. Our customers always look forward to getting their new boxes. They love the novelty of it and they love trying whiskys which are on their “bucket lists” through our subscription service! Our goal when we fill the boxes is to please our customers. We love putting together interesting combinations of whiskys which fit our customer’s specifications.

We have whiskys in stock which are many different ages. Naturally, the younger ones tend to cost less. However, the older ones are often well worth the money. When you choose your preferred whisky “age” for your own subscription box, we’ll adjust the subscription price automatically, so that it corresponds with the whisky “age” that you choose. Our system is affordable, fair and designed to make it easier for clients to get exactly what they want.

Usually, you’ll receive four bottles.

Now and then, you may get more, but four is the usual amount. Occasionally, we may throw in an extra bottle or two as a bonus!


2.) You’ll Be Able to Customize Your Subscription

We know that every whisky fan has his or her own tastes and budget. This is why we provide choices in terms of how often customers receive boxes and in terms of how old their whiskies will be.

Choose from whisky of particular ages in order to get the perfect subscription box. You’ll be able to choose from whiskys which are aged for up to 18 years, whiskys which are aged for up to 30 years and whisky which are aged for up to 21 years! If you want the cheapest subscription box, go for the “youngest” whiskies. It’s always up to you! We offer wonderful choices at all price points. Our personalized boxes are loaded with nuanced flavor and unparalleled variety!


We Offer Caring Customer Service

When you place your trust in Whisky Flavour today, you’ll be treated to caring customer service which is just so professional. We fill our orders within two days of payment processing and then ship them out via registered post. As well, our team of whiskey experts are standing by to answer any questions that you might have. You may connect with us by visiting our “contact us” Web page and then calling us up or sending us an email.

We love whisky and we spend our time sourcing out the best whiskys from all over the planet! Then, we put together subscription boxes which are designed to thrill even the most discerning whisky connoisseurs. Now that you know more about our popular service and how it helps people to access amazing whiskys, without needing to buy full bottles, why not sign up today?

You’ll find that signing up takes minutes. You may rely on our trusted, reputable and established company. We have a loyal following of happy customers and we’d like to welcome you to the Whisky Flavour family today!


So, what are you waiting for? Choose the right subscription box for you needs and then look forward to the best whisky flavor!

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