Hankey Bannister Regency 12 years

Hankey Bannister Regency 12 years

Hankey Bannister Regency 12 years is a very interesting blend that’s a little different from the normal standards. Soft and balanced, it keeps all the features one would expect from a 12 year old blend. However, the distillery that came up with this beverage tried to give it a special status, offering something different to the Scottish whiskey lovers. Meet the best brand and the features of Scottish whiskey Hankey Bannister Regency 12 years.

Hankey Bannister & Co.

Hankey Bannister & Co., founded in 1757, has had a legion of fans since the very beginning, including some well-known personalities. People like the Britain prime minister Sir Winston Churchill, the Norfolk and Queensberry Dukes, among many others from Britain royalty, all had Hankey Bannister as their favorite brand. It’s superior quality was confirmed with the Great Seal of England, granted by George V. Nowadays, Hankey Bannister remains as one of the favorite beverages of the Britain royalty, but also the favorite of many admirers from across the world. In this article you’ll get to know better this Scottish Hankey Bannister Regency 12 years whiskey. Check it out.

Features of Hankey Bannister Regency 12 Years

This 12 Year Scottish whiskey is a very interesting option, with a very reasonable price for it’s quality. Check out next it’s main features.


When pure, this Scottish whiskey starts to spread a soft and smoked scent, but a little spicy at the same time. When we add a little bit of water to it, the scent gets softer and more pleasing, and we notice a touch of peanut. With ice, this whiskey releases a light aroma of wheat flour.


Initially this Scottish whiskey causes an impression of numbness at the tongue. At first we notice a spicy flavor with a little touch of caramel. This blend is not so soft as the others of it’s type. When we add a little bit of water, it becomes a little more round, soft and tasty. With ice, even though the numbness is gone, the whiskey gets a little tasteless, with no flavor and ending too shortly.

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