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Popular whisky

Since you are going to be receiving a delivery of at least four sample bottles of popular whisky brands each and every month as a part of your Whisky Flavor subscription, you’re probably searching for ways to better tasting and better sample the whisky that you are getting – which is exactly why we’ve put together this quick breakdown of some of the most popular whisky drinks you’ll want to try for sure.


Let’s dive right in!


Old Fashioned

The original whisky cocktail, if you’re looking for something that really celebrates everything that the specific style or brand of whisky you are drinking has to offer you don’t have to look any further than this.

Simple, straightforward, and adding just enough pop to elevate whatever whisky you are drinking, the classic Old Fashioned is made with just a glug of whisky, a few dashes of bitters, a touch of sugar, a bit of lemon, and perhaps some muddled cherries and an orange slice – with a single ice cube dropped in for good measure.


Whisky Smash

Perfect for when you have a rye whisky that you are looking to turn into a cocktail, a whisky smash is made with a little bit of crushed ice, a bit of fresh mint, and a drop or two of good old-fashioned lemonade and you are off to the races!


The Manhattan

Probably one of those popular whisky drinks that your grandfather really appreciated (and one that folks are starting to appreciate all over again right now), a Manhattan is made with a few dashes of orange, a little bit of sweet vermouth, the high quality whisky sample you’ve received from Whisky Flavor, and a little bit of bitters.


Irish Coffee

Perfect for those cold days when you’re looking for a way to start your weekend off right, Irish whisky is sweet, creamy, and most definitely boozy – and it’s a great way to bring in colder weather. You’ll need high quality whisky, your favorite cup of coffee, a bit of whipped cream, and you are good to go.


Hot Toddy

Nothing is going to warm you up better from a day out icefishing, snowmobiling, or just shoveling the driveway than a Hot Toddy. A decent amount of whisky mixed with a little bit of hot water, some fresh lemon juice, and a spoonful or two of sugar makes for one of the most popular whisky drinks when the mercury drops.

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