Suntory: Discover Japan’s most famous whiskey!

Suntory: Discover Japan’s most famous whiskey!

Suntory is a Japanese company, that brews and distills alcoholic beverages. It also produces Japan’s most popular whiskey.

History of Suntory

The company was founded in Osaka in 1899. The founder’s name is Torii Shinjiro. In the early years of the brand Shinjiro focused on the distribution of foreign wines. Around 1921 he started with the production of single malt whiskeys, that Suntory sold in so called “Tory Whiskey Bars”. The concept was simple and yet convincing: The chain of bars looked like a typical American bar and offered classic spirits, that you normally would find in the US.

Later, during the 1960s the whiskey producer started to advertise whiskey as a substitute for Sake. The company suggested to enjoy whiskey with warm water and serve it accompanied by a meal.

In 1994 Suntory bought the Scottish distillery Bowmore. In 2014 the Japanese company also bought the famous whiskey producer Jim Beam, that changed its name into Beam Suntory.

The company is also responsible for cultural activities such as the founding  of the Suntory Museum of Art in Tokio. Furthermore the brand appears in a lot of Asian movie. It also has a short appearance in Sofia Coppola’s movie Lost in Translation.

Expressions of Suntory

The Japanese producer offers a great number of expressions. In order to give you a glimpse of the huge variety we gonna introduce you to three selected whiskeys!


Yamazaki Suntory 12 years

Delicious single malt that appears dark golden. The whiskey has a sweet bouquet, that surprises you with Canadian maple syrup, cinnamon, sweet apples, grapes and oriental jasmine blossom. The taste is smooth and combines floral notes with oranges, spices, caramel and woody notes. The finish is fruity and reminds you of pineapples, wood and white grapes.


Yamazaki Suntory 25 years

An outstanding, dark colored single malt, that ages for 25 years in sherry wood casks. The nose is very intense and contains aromas of burnt sugar, almond oil, oak and furniture polish. It tastes like syrup, oaks, licorice, dried peaches and exotic coconut.  The finish is short, intense and contains aromas of licorice and butter caramel.


Suntory Hibiki Harmony

An amber colored whiskey blend, that contains whiskeys from Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita. The whiskey has an elegant nose, that combines aromas of flowers, marmalade, wood and a hint of cinnamon. It tastes fruity, sweet and contains flavors of honey, orange peel, pepper, apricots and creamy, white chocolate. The finish linger long in your mouth and tastes like wood and fruits.


Hibiki and Yamazaki are the most famous expressions in Europe. There are a lot of other expressions, which are more popular in Japan and in other east Asian countries.


Did you ever try any expression of Suntory? If not, try them during your next whiskey tasting! Curious about other whiskeys from around the world?  Get yourself a whiskey subscription and discover the world of whiskey!


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