Tips for buying whiskey online

Tips for buying whiskey online

Nowadays, it’s very simple to buy a good Scottish or Irish whiskey at a specialized shop near home, or even at a supermarket. However, for those who appreciate variety and good prices, as well as trying whiskeys from around the world such as Japanese or German whiskey, it gets harder to find what they’re looking for. For this reason, nothing is better than shopping for whiskey online. The thing is, the online world is too big and presents a huge variety of different brands and beverages. To help you buy whiskey online, we listed some tips we consider important. Check it out.


4 Tips for buying whiskey online


Tip n.º 1 – Search on the whiskey

Nowadays there are countless countries producing whiskey, besides the classic producers like Scotland, Ireland and the United States. So today there are many great distillates around the world, such as the Japanese whiskey, and the Swiss, German or french ones, just to begin with. That means, there are probably many brands you’ve never even heard of. To make sure what you’re buying is worth the price, it’s important to search on this specific whiskey to verify if it’s a single malt or blended, if there’s a registered age or not, how many years it’s been aging, and so on.


Tip n.º 2 –  Compare Prices

After picking a whiskey to buy, it’s important to know if it’s available in only one website or if other websites offer the product. In case other online shops offer the whiskey you want, be it Japanese, American or European, you should take advantage of the practicality of the internet and compare prices. You don’t have to run into every store trying to find the cheaper product anymore. With a few clicks, you can easily find the prices of a single beverage on many online shops. It’s also essential to pay attention to the shipping price. Sometimes the product is cheaper but the shipping makes it more expensive than other options. Always compare the total values after adding the shipping costs.


Tip n.º 3 – Look for reviews

There are many whiskey lovers online who like to share their opinions on the drinks they try. In our website you can also find some of these reviews, be it of a Scottish, Japanese, Irish whiskey or others. You can use these reviews to find something that’s more compatible with you, and also something of quality and trustworthy.


Tip n.º 4 – Search information about the website

Alright. You’ve already searched on the whiskey you want to buy, read some reviews, made sure you found the best deal and now you’re about to finish your order and pay for it. However before you do so, we will give you an advise: search the website on the internet. If it’s not a website you’re used to, or one that you know is reliable, you must be careful and make sure it’s authentic.


In order to buy whiskey of quality, it’s important to take some things into account. Learn about our tips in the article “Tips for buying a good whiskey”.

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