A whiskey gift for her – learn more about the extraordinary present

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A whiskey gift for her – learn more about the extraordinary present

Even though whiskey has the reputation, to be a classic drink for the gentleman, it is also the ideal gift for her! Especially in the cold season and around Christmas, there is nothing more pleasant than sharing a good glass of whiskey with your wife or with your girlfriend, while it is chilly and dark outside.

There are several reasons, to surprise your wife with a whiskey present. If you are still undecided, keep reading and find out more about the delicious treat!


The unique taste of scotch, bourbon or Irish makes a whiskey gift the perfect proof of admiration and appreciation


Whiskey is a very special, hand-crafted gift, that needs years to develop its fine and mature taste. Even though wine or champagne might be special gifts, they do not please your wife or girlfriend with the same subtle but rich aromas.

Whiskey lasts long and can also be used as an investment

Some whiskeys are just to special, to enjoy them immediately. But even if your wife wants to try them later, it does not lower the value of the whiskey. The opposite is the case, since whiskey – especially the rare kinds – even increase in value. Also your girlfriend can enjoy whiskey months after opening the bottle.

Whiskey tastings might be a new passion you can share with your wife or girlfriend

It always creates a special bond between you and your beloved ones, if you share a passion. Why don`t you make rare whiskeys your new hobby? Especially with a whiskey subscription you and your wife got the chance to enjoy new whiskeys on a regular basis.

If your wife or girlfriend appreciates good perfume, for sure she will love a special whiskey!

Whiskey has a very delikate nose and pleases everyone, who appreciates a good perfume. Lovely aromas of chocolate, forest fruits, salted butter, toffee, elder flower, exotic fruits or smoked oak are a lovely treat for everyone, who is passionate about the world of flavours and subtle smells.

Whiskey is the perfect gift, for everyone who enjoys good food

Food and whiskey are a delicious combination, that will improve the flavours of every home-cooked dish. No matter who is the chef in your house, a good whiskey is the cherry on top! Besides that, whiskey is a lovely ingredient, that will make cakes, roasts or creamy sauces even better! Learn more about whiskey and food pairing and try one of these appetizers with whiskey!

It tastes just lovely with chocolate

Whiskey and chocolate are a unique combination, that makes the perfect treat after a rich dinner. Dark and even raw chocolate, white chocolate with bourbon vanilla or sweet creations with nuts and dried fruits will give your wife or your girlfriend the perfect whiskey tasting sensation. Ideal: Surprise your wife with a whiskey tasting box and with a range of assorted chocolates!

It demonstrates your creativity, since you surprise her with a gift, that is out of the ordinary

Jewellery, perfume, sweets: Yes everyone likes a classic present. But: Most women just love an extraordinary gift! Try to make a difference, dare to be out of the ordinary and surprise her with an outstanding whiskey!


Write us, if you have more question about a whiskey gift for her! We would love to help you finding the perfect present!

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