How to add some glamour to your whiskey present!

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How to add some glamour to your whiskey present!

A whiskey present is a classic gift, that makes every Christmas, birthday or event in the company just a little bit better. With a selected bottle of whiskey, you show your appreciation, demonstrate taste and as well surprise your brother, sister, father, best friend or business partner with a true investment. If you are new to the world of whiskey and you don`t know your friends taste, surprise him or her with a whiskey subscription. Like that, they can try a lot of different whiskeys and become an expert in very little time.

If you already decided, to surprise someone with a bottle or with a tasting box of whiskey, keep reading and find out, how to make you whiskey present even a little bit more awesome!


Pair your whiskey present with an set of whiskey glasses

Whiskey glasses are not just ordinary glasses. There is a whole science behind choosing the right one, since the shape brings out the true aromas of your whiskey. If you want your friend or family member to enjoy the whiskey gift to the fullest, add the perfect glass to the mix. Learn more, about the right glass and why it is so important!


Add cigars to your whiskey present

Cigars are a sweet pleasure, that is even more satisfying with a good glass of whiskey. Take your whiskey as the base and find the right cigar to pair it with.  Try light-bodied cigars with blended whiskey, combine medium-bodied cigars with Scotch, Irish or bourbon and smoke a full-bodied cigar with smokey single malts. Of course keep in mind that smoking can be harmful and cigars should be consumed in responsible doses!


Get a whiskey ice ball maker

Maybe your friend enjoys whiskey on the rock. Or he fancies a good glass of Old Fashioned every now and then. No matter the circumstances, an ice-ball maker is the ideal present for everyone who appreciates whiskey. The perfectly round ice-balls add some glamour to a glass of scotch and make your whiskey ceremony become a true ritual!


Surprise someone with Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible

Surprise him or her with a whiskey tasting set and the latest version of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible. There is nothing more inspiring, than enjoying a good glass of whiskey and reading about the best beverages in the world at the very same moment!


Or get a journal for taking notes

Every whiskey export to become needs to start off somehow. A beautiful journal is for sure a good way to begin with the process. Like that, your friend can keep track of all the single malts, bourbons and Japanese whiskeys he tried!


Did you ever surprise somebody with a whiskey gift? And how do you pair your whiskey present? Sent us a mail or leave a comment! We are curious about your opinion!

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