How to appreciate an old whisky

old whisky

How to appreciate an old whisky

Scotch and Irish whiskey are not all equal. The aging process can have various durations, which influences the whisky and produces different features. A good old whisky has to have at least 15 years. The older the whisky, tastier, richer and more striking it is. Of course the price is higher. Taking into account the characteristics of an old whisky, it is essential to know how to enjoy it properly.


How to properly enjoy an old whisky

There are several important factors that influence the taste and potentiate the experience of drinking an old whiskey or old scotch. Here are some things we believe you should take into account:


  • Choose the proper glass

The ideal glass to enjoy an old whisky is short and round. Also, the glasses with a strongest background but thinner edges, with one foot where hold (like the one showing at the image), are excellent to drink an old whiskey.


  • Taste it properly

To get to taste an old whisky, be it Scotch or Irish, the first thing to do is smell the aromas in the whisky. Feel its aromas, and only then, take a sip and hold the liquid in the mouth, in order to feel its flavors. When you can feel the aftertaste of the old whisky taste in your mouth, you can then taste better the rest of the beverage.

For those who think the flavor of an old whisky has hot taste, there is the possibility to add a little water. If possible, for whiskies with more than 15 years, the ideal is not add anything to take advantage of all its flavors. But, of course,   it is a manner of personal taste.


  • Ice – yes or no?

As a manner of respect to the old whisky, usually it is not recommended adding ice.  Any addition of ice (as well as water) will misrepresent its taste. Plus, the lower temperature of the ice will hide the whisky’s flavors. If you really want to add ice, then just add a cube to tamper with as little as possible the beverage.


How do you enjoy your old whisky and which are your favorite brands?

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