Black Friday deals on Whisky Flavour: Are you ready to order?

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Black Friday is — at least in terms of shopping — the busiest day of the year. While thousands of people spend their night after Thanksgiving camping in their car or in front of a mall, you can relax and sit back. And do you know why? The answer is simple: With Whisky Flavour you order the best Black Friday Deals online and get them delivered directly to your house.

The Whisky Flavour Black Friday deals

Whisky Flavour is a very special company. Based in Portugal — a country that is internationally known for its fine gastronomy and beverages — we are specialized on whisky tasting boxes. Instead of delivering regular sized bottles of bourbon, Scotch or Irish we send you assorted tasting boxes containing small bottles of whisky. Every whiskey is an original, that was bottled by one of the distillers we cooperate with. Even though they are small, they give you the exact same tasting experience as a big bottle would give you. The tasting boxes contain four different expression, that we carefully select for you. Since you can not choose the bottles you want to order, every delivery feels like unwrapping gifts under a Christmas tree. Smokey Scotch, a fruity french spirit or a unique expression from Germany: With Black Friday deals from Whisky Flavour you will have insights and tasting experiences you probably never had before (maybe traveling through Scottish highlands).

Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art

This beautiful quote by the Polish writer Stanislaw Jerzy Lec might describe old whiskeys the best. With every year of maturation whisky gains more depth, flavor and aroma. A young whisky doesn’t lack quality though. The opposite is the case. Especially for people who are new to whisky, a young spirit is a good choice. It tastes a little less complex and offers a great opportunity to distinguish clean and plain flavors. The complexity of an old whisky is the perfect choice for anyone though, who already knows whiskey and who appreciates hidden or unusual features.


Our Black Friday discounts

Whisky Flavour offers awesome Black Friday deals, that make a great and very affordable Christmas gift for a loved one. On a tasting box with 18 years or with 21 years matured whisky we offer a discount of even 50 %! You probably won’t find any comparable deal on the internet. That is especially the case since we will surprise you with the finest and rarest spirits on the market. And even on our tasting boxes with 30 year matured whisky we give you a 20 % discount! Is there any better present for a 30th birthday or for a 30-year anniversary?

Are you ready for winter?

You choose your subscription

Do you want to receive a whisky tasting box just once, every three months or even every month? You choose on of our Black Friday deals! With your whisky subscription you are fully in charge of how often we will send you a box with outstanding whiskey.

Black Friday deals on Whisky Flavour: Worldwide shipping

We ship our tasting boxes worldwide. So no matter if you are a resident of the US or if you live in a place where Black Friday deals are pretty unknown: You will benefit from the best whisky promotion, that you can find online!

Pure bliss in a glass

Perfect for a relaxed evening and the perfect choice for a special dinner

Especially when it’s chilly outside, there is nothing better than a good bottle of whiskey. It tastes even better accompanied by a fine read and a piece of smooth and dark chocolate. But also if you are a passionate chef, whiskey gives you endless possibilities to bring your creations to a whole new level! If you choose one of our Black Friday deals as a Christmas present, we suggest pairing it with selected chocolate or truffles or even with a collection of elegant spices and herbs.

Do you need more inspiration? Or do you have any questions regarding our Black Friday deals? Leave a comment or send us a mail! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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