Does whiskey make you fat? Read here

We all know of the round-bellied whiskey drinker at the local pub- and we all pray secretly that we will never be him. These days, calories are discussed as casually as one talks about the weather, so it’s unsurprising that a whiskey lover might worry about what a drink or two may be doing to his or her waistline.

If you’re reading this because you’re concerned whiskey might be the reason why you don’t fit into that pair of jeans anymore, here’s the short answer: no, whiskey won’t make you fat… but it could also make you fat, depending on your drinking situation. Confused? Read on below.

Let’s take a closer look at the issue. Per 100g, whiskey tends to come in at around 200-300 calories. But unless you’re drinking it straight from the bottle- which is inadvisable, and not usually the more popular way to take the tipple- chances are, you’re not going to be drinking up to that level of calories. A shot of whiskey, on the other hand, is around 28g in weight, totalling your calories up at around 70-95.

With this information in mind, to establish whether whiskey has the potential to make you fat, you have to look at just how many shots of the drink you are consuming, and on how regular of a basis. If you’re looking on the higher end of things, then yes, there is a good chance that whiskey may be contributing towards your weight gain. Cutting down won’t only help you keep in control of your waistline; it should also reduce the next-morning hangover, and your body will thank you for it.

It might also be worth considering which mixers you are combing your whiskey with, providing you aren’t drinking it straight. Whiskey cocktails, for example, are certainly a treat for the taste buds- not so much for the waistline. Cocktails often contain added sweeteners and fruit juices to vamp up their flavours, which can total up the calories to their hundreds. Similarly, if you’re mixing your whiskey with a full-fat fizzy drink, that’s another easy way to go overboard on the calories.

If you are looking to lose weight, there is no reason why whiskey should be excluded from your diet altogether. If you want to stick to your weight loss regime, you need to be sensible, and not starve yourself of everything you enjoy. Losing weight is about establishing a healthy lifestyle, incorporating a healthy diet with regular exercise. Eating healthily doesn’t mean cutting out all the bad stuff, just enjoying it in moderation.

If you are a keen drinker, though, and whiskey is your tipple of choice, you’ll be pleased to know that you have chosen the lower calorie alcoholic beverage. It’s important to draw a comparison between whiskey and its competitors, to see just how drinking whiskey might actually help you to lose weight. A can of beer, for example, contains far more empty calories than a shot of whiskey. If you are looking for an alcohol buzz without the sugar content, sticking to whiskey and whiskey only may help you to shed the pounds in the long-run.

Ultimately, while small, tasteful amounts of whiskey can’t make you fat, it’s undeniable that drinking it in excess will lead to some form of weight gain. If you’re looking to cut down on your alcohol consumption, you might need to learn how to really savour your drink. While chugging down pints at the pub might be more your thing, making it more difficult to switch up the way you enjoy alcohol,  if you persevere, you really will learn to experience enjoyment from slow, appreciative sipping.

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