Follow these Tips Religiously to Prevent Whisky Weight Gain

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Follow these Tips Religiously to Prevent Whisky Weight Gain

Whisky weight gain is easily preventable. There are innumerable men around the world, who love whisky and consume it daily, but do not gain any weight whatsoever. All you need to do is be a little conscious of how much you are drinking, which type of whisky you are consuming, when and how often, what type of food you are pairing your drink with and your general diet & fitness regime. If you think keeping a check on these is overwhelming or would be daunting for you, then here are some tips that you should follow religiously to prevent whisky weight gain.

  • Always pick the finest whisky you can afford. Single malt scotch is the best choice. You can always have bourbon or blended whiskey but make sure you choose the best brand in your budget. You don’t want a whisky that derives most of its alcohol from sugar. Scotch is made from barley. As you know, barley is one of the lighter and healthier grains. Corn is the primary ingredient in bourbon. It is healthier than other grains. Rye whiskey is available widely in the United States. Pick the finest brand of rye whiskey that contains very little or no sugar or added flavor and the least artificial coloring. All these will have the least impact on your weight. If you pick a whiskey that is rich in sugar and contains too many preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, then you will gain weight.
  • Always go for aged whiskies. Eight years is good, twelve years is better and eighteen is ideal. If you can afford, opt for reserve collections or select barrels. There are special editions and single barrel whiskies you can consider. All these have fewer artificial ingredients since ageing and the fineness of the grain used, method of distillation and the quality of the barrels will weave their magic.
  • Whisky is sipped, not gulped down. You should let a single malt breathe. Allow your bourbon or other fine whiskey to mix with air. Swirl it in the glass once in a while and then take a sip. Whisky shots may have been popularized by television and movies but it is not the way to enjoy a fine drink. Also, fine whisky is always consumed in moderation. You don’t consume half a bottle of single malt in one go. It is needless, even if you want to feel a bit intoxicated.
  • Drink up to a gallon of water in a span of twenty four hours centered on your drinks. You can have three fourth of a gallon through the day, have your drinks in the evening and then consume one fourth of the gallon in the morning. This will keep you hydrated. Metabolism gets a boost if you are optimally hydrated. You want to flush the whisky out of your system sooner than later. You can always dilute your whisky if it is not a rare bottle. Strong whiskeys should be diluted with some ice. This will also help prevent dehydration.
  • Have the last meal of the day at least an hour, ideally two hours, before you take the first peg of whisky. You can eat something light to pair with your whisky but do not indulge in a meal. Avoid eating anything heavy for up to eleven hours after drinking whisky. This rule applies only to those who consume more than two or three pegs in a span of two hours or less. When you drink more than one small peg in an hour, the body fails to metabolize the entire alcohol consumed. This hampers normal metabolism. The foods you consume after drinking will not be metabolized, resulting in whisky weight gain.

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