Prevent Whiskey Weight Gain with these Pragmatic Tips

whisky and weight gain

Prevent Whiskey Weight Gain with these Pragmatic Tips

There are quite a few things you can do to prevent whiskey weight gain. Some of them are more demanding than others. You may come across a plethora of tips but only a few will be practical enough to endorse and abide by. It is not possible to fast throughout the day when you intend to drink. While there will be a calorie deficit due to fasting, it is neither pragmatic nor is it very healthy. There are some exotic herbs and rarely available fruits that you can consume but such plans have their obvious challenges. One needs a pragmatic way to prevent whiskey weight gain.

  • Eat light throughout the day when you know a few pegs await you in the evening. You can skip a meal if you want but do not skip all the meals. Have a healthy breakfast, eat fruits or vegetables for lunch and try to avoid any heavy snacking towards the evening. You can eat whatever seasonal fruits and vegetables you can easily get hold of. Eat the fruits raw. Avoid sugary juices and flavored smoothies. You can boil the vegetables or eat some of them raw. You can juice some vegetables if you want. You can always go for a delicious salad.
  • Avoid carbohydrate rich foods through the day. Go for proteins. While fruits and vegetables will offer you plenty of nutrients, primarily vitamins and minerals, as well as fluids, the proteins will give you the necessary calories and strength. Try to opt for lean proteins. You can go for fish, chicken or turkey. Avoid pork, beef, lamb or mutton. You can have eggs but restrict yourself to two or three. Any more eggs and there is a risk of an increase in your bad cholesterol. You can have more than two eggs if you are only having the whites.
  • When you are running a calorie deficit or are well within your daily recommended calorie intake, there is an exponentially reduced chance of whiskey weight gain. But you should not let your guard down just yet. As you take your first drink, ensure there is no oily or fried snack around. It could be anything from fried chicken to onion rings, sliders to cashews. It is futile to eat when you want to enjoy some fine whiskey. The food will be an excess. The calories will not be metabolized. The nutrients available in the food will not be put to good use. The body will be focused on metabolizing the alcohol so let it do its job as you relish the pleasure.
  • Try to avoid a meal after your drinks. If you are truly hungry, have something healthy to munch on. You must eat as little as possible. Try to avoid desserts and other comfort foods that have unnecessary and useless calories. A fruit salad is not your friend after a few pegs, especially if there are citrus fruits in the serving. You don’t want to deal with acidity through the night.
  • You may be recommended to work out before you have a few drinks. This is not a wise suggestion. It is futile to work out or indulge in any intensive exercise before you pour yourself a whiskey. Exercise will make you hungry and you would end up combining food and drinks, in greater quantities than what you would usually do. Instead, you should work out the following morning. Go for a run. Nothing burns calories and especially alcohol as a long jog. Try to focus on cardio exercises and not heavy lifting or high intensity interval training the next day.

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