Scotch Whisky – Features and Categories

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Scotch Whisky –  Features and Categories

When you think about whisky, one of the first names to come to mind is Scotland. Place of birth of this beverage, is an unavoidable name of the global whisky production. Scotch Whisky is one of the most popular and well-known drinks worldwide. Scotch is made from grains such as barley, rye or wheat.

Continue reading to know better the Scotch Whisky and the unique features that makes it so popular.

Scotch and its features

Like other famous beverages such as Champagne or Port, Scotch Whisky also has several rules that differentiate it from other similar beverages produced elsewhere. So to be authentic Scotch, it must be distilled and matured in Scottish territory. Moreover, the ripening process must have a minimum legally defined, 3 years in oak barrels. There are other rules that must be followed to receive Scotch designation:

  • The fermentation process must only use yeast;
  • The alcohol content must be at least 40%;
  • In addition to malted barley it must only be added whole grains.

Of course it is perfectly possible to make versions of this type of whisky elsewhere. However, and like other popular drinks mentioned above, the specific characteristics of the place of origin produces a unique whisky that if not followed originates other different versions, and as such, it can’t be possible using Scotch denomination.

Categories of Scotch

There are several types of Scotch, divided into five different categories:

  • single malt,
  • single grain,
  • blended malt,
  • blended and finally,
  • blended grain.

Any Scotch indicating the age has to reflect the minimum age of the whiskey used in the production of that drink. So, if one of the whisky used has seven years and another five, the information must be five years. All whiskies that have the information age are called “guaranteed-age”.

Which are your favourite brands of Scotch?


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