Typical flavors, that you can taste in every whisky

World’s Best Whiskies

Typical flavors, that you can taste in every whisky

Tasting Whisky is a real science, that requires a lot of experience and very sharp senses. Real experts train for years, try hundreds of whiskies and keep notes of their observations. In case you are afraid to feel embarrassed at your first whisky tasting, better read this post and discover, how much diversity experts can taste!


Fruity whiskies don’t just taste fruity. Maybe you can taste citrus such as lemon, lime, grapefruits or oranges. Maybe you sense some berries like strawberries, raspberries or blackberries. Also tree fruits like cherries, apricots, peaches or apples can be found in single malts and blends. Tropical fruits like melons, bananas and pineapple add some interesting aspects to your whiskies. Let’s also remember, that some whiskies taste like delicious dried fruits. Raisins, prunes and figs surprise you with their warm and deep taste.


There are other plants, that can be tasted in Scotch, Irish or Bourbon. Refreshing bell pepper, mint or grass are quite typical. Sometimes you might taste cooked veggies like beans, aspargus or even olives. Dried greens like hay, straw, tobacco or tea add the taste of late summer to your whisky.


Nutty flavors always add a subtle elegance to your whisky. Walnuts, hazelnuts or sweet almond make your whisky taste rich wand warm at the same time.

World’s Best Whiskies
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Also caramel is not just caramel. It can mix with flavors of honey, butterscotch, butter, chocolate, molasses or even with a hint of soy sauce.whisky flavors


Depending on your whisky, woody flavors can appear either fresh, smokey or burnt. Fresh notes such as oak, cedar or even some hint of vanilla contrast with burnt wood or some smokey bacon flavors.


Earthy notes might appear moldy like wet dirt, Portuguese cork, moss or some fresh mushrooms from the forest. Other earthy flavors appear dry and even dusty, like a stormy day during the summer .


Chemical flavors do not taste like chemical in every single case. Their might be plastic, gasoline, burnt matches or even leather. Other flavors are more organic and remind you of wool or wet fur.


Generally you can experience whisky either hot or cool. A hot flavor generally means, that you can taste the alcohol quite well whilst a cool flavor gives you the tasting sensation of refreshing menthol.


Even yeasty notes, the taste of yogurt or a subtle aroma of fermented sauerkraut or Korean kimchi can be found in some whiskies.


Delicate flower petals, beautiful flowers in bloom or dried petals make your whisky taste light and even airy. Typical floral notes are rose, violet, cherry blossom, geranium, orange blossom and jasmine.whisky flavors


Last but not least spices are quite common flavors, you can find in almost every whisky tasting box. Cloves, green pepper, black pepper, licorice, cinnamon or sweet spices are just some notes you might discover, while enjoying a good glass of whisky.whisky flavors


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