The importance of the right glass to drink whisky

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The importance of the right glass to drink whisky

Whisky is one of the most known and appreciated beverages. However, to get the most out of it, it is necessary to know how to proper taste it. Contrary to what you may see in some movies, Whisky is not traditionally supposed to be drunk in large glasses or even in large gulps. To fully enjoy the beverage and prolong the pleasure to its last drop, it is necessary to give attention to certain details. One of the most important aspects to fully and proper taste whisky relies in the choice and prepration of the glass.

The choice of the whisky glass is of great importance.It must have the appropriate format to be possible to open the vapors of the beverage and savor its taste. The format of the glass allows to appreciate all whisky aromas.

We recommend you opt for glasses with a foot, identical to the glasses used for aperitifs. This way, you can grab the glass without increasing the whisky temperature.

recommended whisky glassesrecommended whisky glasses

For the same reason, we do not recommend you use a balloon glass for whisky, because it will easily raise its temperature, tampering with it the flavor. This change occurs due to volatilization of alcohol, which will disguise their main aromas and flavors.


How to prepare the glass to drink Whisky

The glass preparation is as important as its choice. Prepare the glass as follows:

  1. Put a little whisky in the glass and let stand a while at room temperature;
  2. Then jiggle the glass with the whisky inside as it spreads throughout the glass;
  3. Finally, pour the glass and make sure that the cup rim is clean.

The glass is now ready to the whisky of your choosing.


The Whisky Flavour’s Official Recomendation

Since, for many years, Whisky didn’t had an official glass, such as Champagne or Brandy, Glencairn Crystal tried to sort this flaw and created the official whisky glass, in 2001. After many years of perfecting the glass, now you can find it in the main distilleries in Scotland, Ireland or Wales, as well as across the USA.

We at Whisky Flavour officialy recommend the Glencairn’s Official Whisky Glass to enjoy your whisky, and for that reason, we will be giving an original Glencairn’s Whisky glass (personalized with our logo) in every Whisky Flavour Tasting Box you order until the 31st October.

Use the code “WFWG” at checkout to receive your free Glencairn’s Whisky Glass.


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