Does whisky make you fat?

whisky and weight gain

Does whisky make you fat?

There is no easy way to answer this question as there are too many variables that must be considered. Yet, if you want a straight answer, then it is yes and no. Whisky can make you fat in certain circumstances. In certain scenarios, whisky would have no effect on your waistline or body mass index. This is not different from any food or beverage that is high in calories. It may be surprising for you to note that even fruits and vegetables can make you fat. Not that fruits and vegetables have lots of calories but how you eat them makes all the difference. If you were to make smoothies with your choicest fruits, use desired spoonfuls of sugar and other delicious ingredients, then you are likely to get fat. If you opt for fried veggies or the packaged munchies apparently made from fresh vegetables, you are most likely to gain weight.


The Elephant in the Room

Let us do away with a caveat at the outset. Moderate consumption of alcohol is not unhealthy. When we say moderate, we do not imply half a bottle every day. Moderate drinking is one standard peg an hour, restricted to two a day or evening. Even better is drinking on alternate days or ideally twice a week. If you drink whisky once a week, you don’t need to worry about fat or bodyweight, not owing to whisky that is. If you drink five pegs or up to a bottle on several days a week, then you are almost certainly going to gain weight and you are probably overweight already.


Alcohol is the Lesser Evil

When we talk about the correlation of whisky and fat, it must be noted that the alcohol content in the drink is the lesser evil. The sinners are the sugars and mixers used in the beverage. You are unlikely to come across a whisky that contains no sugar or is completely void of mixers. It is these ingredients that contribute to weight gain when you consume generous servings of whisky. The human body is programmed to focus on metabolizing the alcohol. This happens at the cost of metabolizing everything else. The sugars and mixers in the whisky, the food you eat during and after drinking alcohol get stored as fats. They are not metabolized till all the alcohol is digested, processed and eliminated from the body. The derivatives of alcohol during the metabolic process are toxins for the human body and they must be got rid of to avoid poisoning. Hence, it is a priority for our body to metabolize alcohol and it sets aside everything else you consume as fat, to be metabolized later or not.


Watch what you Eat and the Servings

There is an age old saying that you should eat light when you are consuming alcohol. This is precisely because the body would not digest and metabolize the food. It would not use the calories available in the foods and other nonalcoholic beverages. Then there are the psychological effects of drinking whisky. The alcohol may make you feel hungry when actually you are not. You may end up bingeing on snacks or eating a late dinner. These acts will almost definitely make you fat. Healthy appetizers or light snacks that complement whisky are your best friends. It is also better to avoid a standard meal after drinking. As mentioned earlier, the body will not process the calories from any food or drink till it gets rid of the alcohol and its derivatives from the system. This can take hours depending on how much whisky you consume.

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