Does whisky make you fat?

whisky and weight gain

If you are someone who enjoys a drink or two every night, you may wonder at some point in time does whisky make you fat. Those who indulge in several pegs of whisky every evening are compelled to think does whisky make you fat. Alcohol has a strange correlation with fat or weight gain. It is not a simple cause and effect correlation. Many other variables are at play and it is necessary to consider them. Whisky and weight gain should not be assessed in isolation.


Does Whisky make you Fat?

The answer is yes and no. Whisky can make you fat if the other variables make you vulnerable to gain weight. Whisky will not make you fat if you are conscious of every other choice you make. The quantity of whisky you drink, the frequency of such drinking, your overall health, lifestyle, diet and history of obesity are major influencing factors. Any calorie rich food or beverage can make you fat. This is why people need to moderate the consumption of foods and beverages high in calories. Even foods that are not rich in calories may cause weight gain. Vegetables and fruits, for example, do not have many calories but they can be consumed in a way that will lead to fat gain. Take smoothies for instance or fried veggies, munchies and other recipes you may consider that contain lots of sugar, cream and other delightful goodness. These delights satiate your palate but are bad for your waistline.


Nature of Consumption is the Key

Does whisky make you fat? If you are drinking once a week or twice and limiting your consumption to a few pegs then you should not worry about getting fat. At least, whisky will not be the cause of your weight gain. If you are drinking daily, then you must watch everything else you are doing. If you are consuming almost half a bottle or more of whisky every day or on most days of the week, then you are likely overweight already. Moderate consumption or occasional drinking does not cause weight gain. There can always be other causes, from diet to lifestyle and specific health issues.


Correlation of Alcohol and Fat

Does whisky make you fat? Yes, but it is not the alcohol in the whisky. Alcohol does not cause weight gain. Most of the alcohol is digested, processed and eliminated from the body. It is the sugars and mixers in the whisky that can get converted to fat. Most brands of whisky contain mixers and sugars. There may be colors and flavors. These can make you fat. This is why the nature of consumption is so important. There is another reality you should be aware of to understand why some people who drink whisky regularly are indeed fat.

Alcohol produces derivatives when digested and broken down. Many of these derivatives are toxins for the human body. The natural survival mechanism of the human body is to get rid of these toxic derivatives. In an attempt to do so, the body prioritizes the metabolizing of alcohol and eliminating the derivatives. As the body metabolizes alcohol and its derivatives, the other foods and beverages you have consumed over the hours will remain untouched. These get stored as fats. These nutrients including the sugar and oil, salt and other ingredients used in the foods and beverages may or may not get metabolized. Depending on how much alcohol you have consumed, the body may take hours to eliminate all its toxic derivatives. The other foods and beverages may not be metabolized at all and they might remain stored as fats.


The Ideal Solution for Whisky Connoisseurs

The human body is capable of metabolizing a standard peg of whisky or alcohol every hour and its toxic derivatives can be eliminated rather easily. If you limit your consumption to one peg an hour, you are unlikely to get fat. Consuming several pegs every hour or drinking half a bottle in one session creates problems. If you intend to indulge in generous consumption, avoid foods and beverages that are rich in calories or have empty calories. Eat light and nutritious snacks. Avoid fried, processed and heavily sweetened, flavored and colored foods. Consuming several pegs of whisky will make you feel hungry. This is a false alarm. You are not actually hungry but you may eat anyway. It is best to skip the usual meal after you have drank enough whisky.

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