White Horse Scotch Whisky Tasting Notes

Bottle of white horse scotch in a wooden background

The Scotch Whisky brand White Horse is an irreplaceable name in the history of whisky. At its highest, the brand would sell more than two million bottles per year, being one of the 10 most sold brands in the world. Today, besides being no longer at the top of the most sould whiskies, Whiste Horse Scotch still has its legion of aficionados. Keep reading this article to know everything about this scotch whisky brand.


White Horse Scotch Whisky

Although the brand has existed since before 1890, that was the year White Horse earned its reputation for the high-quality spirit it is. The responsible for that boom was “Restless Peter” Mackie, who was both the creator of the spirit and the brand’s chairman.

Being from Speyside, the White Horse Scotch surprises for not being as aggressive as one would expect from a whisky from this area, with more bitter and punchy flavours. White Horse has a light turfle touch and a strong presence of Lagavulin, ending up on a smooth and round-bodied scotch with light golden colour and a smoky, long and pleasant finish.


Bottle of White horse scotch whisky

The White Horse Scotch Whisky’s features


In the first impact, one can feel the alcohol, as well as a strong aroma of the smoked malt. After a little bit, alcohol vanishes and other aromas start to appear, such as salty crackers. When adding ice, the malt aroma keeps there, but a mint scent starts to pop up. With water, on the other hand, the smoky aromas get stronger, as the alcohol gets smoother.



Besides the initial aroma was alcohol, it doesn’t have a strong appearance regarding the flavour. With a smooth flavour, the alcohol is not a prominent feature. The White Horse Scotch has an overall cracker flavour, being smooth and soft.

The finish of this scotch is long and dry, with smoke and cereal light flavours. Ice and water don’t change the flavours of the whisky.

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