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There’s a brave new player in the Irish Whiskey market that has already conquered its place on the podium. Kinsale Spirit Company Irish Whiskeys’ fierce character have earned its range several awards and we just could not resist to create an exclusive tasting box.

With the Battle of Kinsale as background of three daring expressions, each bottle embodies a bold and interesting persona within this era of Ireland’s history.

Within the Whisky Flavour x Kinsale Spirit Company Irish Whiskey exclusive tasting box, you’ll find more than 3 awarded expressions: you’ll discover a tale of bravery worth knowing.


Kinsale Spirit Company Irish Whiskey Exclusive Tasting Box – Know its worth!

When opening your Whisky Flavour x Kinsale Spirit Company Irish Whiskey Tasting Box, you will encounter everything you need to enter this Irish History’s scene the best way possible: through whiskey.

Here’s what you can expect from the Kinsale Exclusive Tasting Box:

  • 1 miniature Red Earl Irish Whiskey 40% ABV
  • 1 miniature Great Earl Single Grain Irish Whiskey 40% ABV
  • 1 miniature Spanish Earl Single Malt Irish Whiskey 43% ABV
  • 1 glencairn glass
  • 1 cork coaster
  • 1 bag with 4 marble whiskey stones
  • 1 reusable and high-quality wooden box


3 Bold Expressions to Tell One Battling Tale – The Kinsale Spirit Company Irish Whiskey Range

As the “Nine Years’ War” inspired Kinsale Spirits Distillery to create bold Irish whiskey expressions, these drams embodied the story of Irish and Spanish heroes that battled bravely against Queen Elizabeth’s forces, back in the beginning of 17th Century.

This range was then created to honour three noble and main characters of that war and Kinsale’s battle specifically: Red Earl, Spanish Earl and Great Earl.

The Nine Years’ War ended centuries ago, but has now its revival as those Earls are brought together once more, in an Irish whiskey homage. Each expression is the perfect representation of their personality and aims to tell each one’s story.


Red Earl Irish Whiskey

With 40% ABV, this Kinsale Spirit Company Irish Whiskey expression combines Irish whiskey grain from ex-bourbon barrels and triple distilled malt from ex-sherry casks. The last months of its maturation are spent in ex-Rioja casks.

The Rioja casks were not chosen randomly, being that Red Earl died and was buried in the region of Rioja, Spain.


Tasting notes of Red Earl Irish Whiskey:

Aromas – Fruity and floral with hints of strawberry and cherry as well as citrus and rose petals. Has also notes of oak, marzipan and almond.

Flavours – Sweet and spicy flavours with almonds, toffee and vanilla notes, as well as cinnamon and cloves flavours given by the rioja casks.

Finish – Long and warm with a medium bodied mouthfeel.


Spanish Earl Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Juan del Aguila is the persona to whom Kinsale Spirit Company Irish Whiskey Distillery pays homage with this Single Malt Irish Whiskey. The Spanish Earl battled side by side with the Red Earl and the Great Earl at Kinsale’s Battle and is now remembered in a triple-distilled and triple-cask expression.

The Kinsale Single Malt Irish Whiskey starts its journey in ex-bourbon casks, where it matures for 4 years. Just as Juan campaaigned between two nations, this spirit is then divided in two so that it ages in ex-imperial stout casks and in ex golden Jamaican rum casks for 3 months, simultaneously. The two spirits are then brought together to be bottled.

The ex-imperial stout casks may seem an unusual choice for whiskey maturation, however, the Spanish Earl spent some time in Cork, a region where stout production has a renowned reputation.


Tasting notes of Spanish Earl Single Malt Irish Whiskey:

Nose – Bitter and creamy with dark chocolate and cream liqueur notes. Has also dried fruit notes.

Taste – Creamy notes resembles the Irish Imperial Stout, as well as coffee and dark chocolate hints of flavour. The ex-rum casks influence some dried and tropical fruit notes.

Finish – Long with a hint of raisins.


Great Earl Single Grain Irish Whiskey

His image remains in a Vatican City fresco and his spirit will live forever in this Single Grain Irish Whiskey. Hugh “the Great Earl” O Neill defied the English Crown alongside the Red and Spanish earls and is now honoured in a daring Kinsale Spirit Company Irish Whiskey expression.

This spirit combines grain Irish Whiskey from previously recharred barrels and grain from virgin oak caks where it rests and ages for 45 months. The last 3 months of maturation take place in ex-Sangiovese casks from Lazio, where the general died and was buried. These casks are sourced and crafted uniquely for Kinsale Spirit Distillery.


Tasting notes of Great Earl Single Grain Irish Whiskey:

Nose: Sweet and woody; Vanilla and marzipan.

Taste: Sweet, fruity and spicy; Honey, blackberries and elderberries; White pepper and tanin from the wine.

Finish: Long and strong, with a creamy mouthfeel.


Kinsale Spirit Company Irish Whiskey – 3 Brave Spirits Brought Together Once More

Have the opportunity to taste three lionhearted Irish Whiskey expressions from Kinsale Spirits in just one box and dare to explore one of the bravest battles of Ireland!!


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