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Discover our 18-year Whiskey Flavour subscription tasting box

If you want to experience the world’s premier whiskies without needing to invest in full bottles, you should know that ordering our 18-year Whiskey Flavour subscription tasting box will be the best way to treat yourself with impeccably smooth whiskies from the world’s most respected distilleries.

We’ve created an affordable subscription system which is a big hit with tons of customers all over the world. This subscription service will be perfect as a treat to yourself or as a thoughtful gift for someone who loves single malts and other type of whiskey. Now, let’s talk about what you’ll get when you sign up for this innovative and practical service!


18-year whiskey subscription – What will you get

You may choose how often you receive a tasting box: monthly, every three months or every semester. Each whisky flavour box will include four original branded miniature bottles of whiskey. The whiskies have already been aged for up to eighteen years!

Besides whiskey, your box will be attractive as well. We’ve created a wooden box with a modern and minimalistic vibe. Be sure to hang onto it after you’ve tasted all of your new whiskies. It’s a great keepsake which is crafted with care. The tasting box of the 18-year whiskey subscription will weigh in at 1.5 kilograms and it may be sent to you accordingly to your preference. We give our customers all of the right options as we know that every whiskey connoisseur is unique.


Enjoy the best customer service

Our company was created by whiskey lovers for whiskey lovers. We are committed to offer prompt and professional dispatch of the world’s finest 18-year whiskey and we know that you’ll be thrilled with the contents of your tasting box when it arrives. We’re proud of this subscription service as it gives people from all walks of life access to exceptional whiskies that they might not be able to try otherwise.

You deserve the best, so why not order an affordable 18-year Whiskey Flavour Subscription Tasting Box today?


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