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You’ll love our 21-year Whiskey Flavour subscription tasting box

Order our 21-year whiskey subscription box and get to know world-class original whiskey!

Do you dream of tasting the world’s best whiskies, without needing to buy expensive, full-sized bottles of each single malt or blend? If so, you should know that you don’t have to bust your budget any longer. There is another way to sample the globe’s premier whiskies from the most revered distilleries.

We’ve created a subscription tasting box which includes four miniature bottles of whiskies, all of which have been aged for up to 21 years! When you choose to order a tasting box, you’ll be able to explore the nuances of so many amazing whiskies, without spending a lot of money.

In our view, this is the most sensible and affordable way to expand whiskey knowledge and enjoy the pleasures of tasting new brands – alone or with friends and family. Our 21-year Whiskey Flavour Subscription Tasting Box is very popular with our customers. Some people order it for themselves, while others choose it as a thoughtful and luxurious (yet so affordable!) gift for others.

When you order this tasting box, you’ll be able to select your preferred delivery schedule. Some people choose to have a new box sent out to them monthly, while others choose to have boxes sent out to them every three months. The third option is to have a tasting box sent out every six months. Each box weighs 1.5 kilograms. Our tasting boxes are made from wood and they are wonderful keepsakes with modern, minimalist style. Most of our customers keep the boxes, as they are just so attractive and unique.


Why not order today?

World-class original whiskey in miniature bottles will be at your fingertips when you choose a 21-year Whiskey Flavour Subscription Tasting Box today. So, why not take advantage of this exciting new subscription service? You’ll be so glad that you did!


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