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Treat Yourself to our 30-year Whiskey Flavour Subscription Tasting Box

We listen to our customers carefully and we always take their comments and suggestions on board. After talking to many of our clients, we realized that tons of them want to try the world’s most exceptional whiskies, but just can’t afford to buy full bottles of new single malts and blends (and other types of whiskies) on a regular basis! For this reason, we created a convenient and affordable whiskey subscription service. When you choose this service, you’ll receive a 30-year Whiskey Flavour Subscription Tasting Box every month, once every three months or once every six months, according to your preference. In each box, you’ll find four original, miniature bottles of whiskey. Each whisky in the tasting box will be aged for up to thirty years! Your tasting box will be crafted from wood, with minimal and modern style. Our boxes are great to look at and most of our clients keep them and use them, or display them in their homes. Inside each box is smooth, impeccable taste! You’ll love trying your new whiskies, as they will come from some of the world’s most esteemed and beloved distilleries. Buy a subscription for yourself or treat the whiskey lover in your life to superb flavor and variety. Our tasting box service is so popular. It’s a practical way to give whiskey connoisseurs access to new flavors, without the expense of buying full bottles. For this reason, we encourage you to try this service today.

Treat Yourself to Quality

Whiskey is timeless. It’s something that people have enjoyed for thousands of years. The process of learning about whisky is really the passion of a lifetime for many men and women. With this in mind, why not order our 30-year Whiskey Flavour Subscription Tasting Box today? It will be the best way to learn more about whiskey and please your palate! SUBSCRIBE NOW →

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