If you are a Whisky Lover then Whisky Flavour is right for you. We provide the opportunity to taste different whisky through the Whisky Flavour Box.

The Whisky Flavour Box contains four original branded miniatures of Whisky.

It makes it possible and easier to have a Whisky Tasting session with friends, or by yourself. Even makes an amazing and original gift!



The Best Christmas Gift

Tic toc, tic, toc, only fourteen days to go. It is just around the corner and we want to help…

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Best Whiskeys

It is slightly hard to define which the best whiskey in the world is. We all have different preferences, different…

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whisky flavors

The best recipes for a homemade Christmas whiskey cocktail

Delicious, smooth and full of flavor: Today we will share our favorite recipes for homemade Christmas whiskey cocktail with you!

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Christmas & Whisky – The perfect combo

The most beautiful time of the year is coming, and Whisky Flavour is here to make it even more special….

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What is whiskey made of?

Although some of you already know the ins and outs of whiskey, many still do not know what is whiskey…

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The 5 Best Whiskies for Christmas

Whether you are looking to treat yourself or to buy a gift for a loved one, we have selected the…

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A toast to Christmas with WhiskyFlavour

With less than a month to go, it is time to focus on the Christmas gifts. There is nothing worse…

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5 Best Whiskies of 2018

Which are the best whiskies of 2018? As the year comes to an end, we cannot stop wondering which ones…

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The perfect gift for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. Have you already planned the gifts for your special ones? With WhiskyFlavour you can…

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