If you are a Whisky Lover then Whisky Flavour is right for you. We provide the opportunity to taste different whisky through the Whisky Flavour Box.

The Whisky Flavour Box contains four original branded miniatures of Whisky.

It makes it possible and easier to have a Whisky Tasting session with friends, or by yourself. Even makes an amazing and original gift!



Ben Nevis Whisky – since 1825

The Ben Nevis distillery is located in Scotland. Found in Fort William at the base of Ben Nevis, the distillery…

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Whisky and Food pairing – Tips

Although this combination might come as a surprise for most, if we analyse this drink properly we conclude that whiskies…

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Where to Try the Best Whisky in the World?

As trends would have it, more people decide on their travel plans based on the gourmet experience they’ll be offered…

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Whisky Myths Unveiled – Part 3

In this third article about the whisky myths, we will uncover some interesting and sometimes unknown truths or lies about…

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No fail, whisky cocktail – Japanese Whisky

On the third edition of the No Fail – Whisky Cocktail, we take a dive into the world of Japanese…

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Tomatin Whisky Experience

Located in the Tomatin village in Scotland, the Tomatin distillery offers single malt Scotch whisky since 1897. The Tomatin whisky…

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whisky flavors

Halloween Preparations – Fireball Whisky

Although everyone is now focused on summer, the holidays, barbecues and enjoying the relaxing good time, we believe that it…

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World’s Best Whiskies

Whisky Myths Unveiled – Part 2

The second series of whisky myths unveiled will give you some interesting insights into the world of whisky. This unique…

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5 Best Whiskies from All Around the World

5 Best Whiskies from All Around the World Making whiskey has long been a nuanced art form, and sipping it,…

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