Whisky Mystery Box – How to Know if It Pays Off

Wooden box with an unbranded whisky miniature

If you are a whisky afficionado, a risk taker and love how thrilling it can be to receive a mystery package in the mail, you might want to sign up for a whisky mystery box.

When choosing a subscription like this, it is impossible not to think if you are making the best decision and if, in the end, it will pay off. In this article, we’ll give you some signs to look for before making a final decision and signing up for a whisky mystery box subscription.


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  1. Why Choosing This Type of Service?
  2. Whisky Mystery Box – What to look for
    1. What’s in the Box? – The Whisky and the Accessories
    2. Look at the Price
    3. Customer Support is the Ultimate Hint
  3. Whisky Flavour – A Premium Whisky Tasting Box

Whisky miniature in a wooden whisky mystery box


Why Choosing This Type of Service

New whisky brands pop up every year and from all over the world. Although whisky has to age, the whisky market has a fast pace regarding the releasing of new expressions, collaborations, special editions and upcoming brands that, surely, deserve to be in the spotlight.

Given this agitated and exciting outlook, a whisky mystery box may be a great option for you to taste a lot of whisky expressions in a short amount of time, no matter if you are a connoisseur looking to keep up to date or a newbie trying to learn and taste as much as you can.

Most of whisky subscriptions deliver whisky miniatures or whisky samples, so this will enable you to taste at least 3 or 4 different whisky expressions per month. The thing about a mystery box, though, is that the choice is not on your hands. And this might be scary if you are kind of a control freak, but it might come in handy if you have a lot of work and daily tasks to do (and little time to choose whisky from the thousands of brands that exist).

Plus, most brand behind whisky mystery boxes are also connoisseurs (or at least whisky aficionados), and we believe the teams that choose whisky for each box, do it as if it were for themselves – as it happens in Whisky Flavour.

Finally, choosing a whisky mystery box really makes your brain happy. Not only because its whisky (and it knows you love it), but also because the hormonal release when someone is happily surprised gives you a rush for the rest of day (or week!). The anticipation feeling, because it is something new and exciting) makes your brain release more dopamine, giving you that happiness and euphoric feeling.


Whisky Mystery Box – What to Look For

Besides the dopamine rush in your brain when getting a whisky mystery box delivered to you, there is always the doubt about the service. Will the service live up to the price? Will I regret paying for this? What I really enjoy the whisky expressions sent?

These are things you cannot really predict. But there are a few details you might want to pay attention so you don’t get unpleasantly surprised.


What’s in the Box?! – The Whisky and the Accessories

We know this subtitle’s expression is a cliché when talking about a whisky subscription box. The fact is that what is inside the box is what matters the most. When signing up to a whisky mystery box, there are some details you can know beforehand.

The whisky box service must be able to tell you how many whisky expressions you will receive in the mail. Although the quality matters more than the quantity, you don’t want to receive just a couple miniatures per month.

The other detail is: with what brands or distilleries do that service work with? Since it is a whisky mystery box, you won’t know what expressions will be delivered to you, but the service might tell you what brands they have sent in the past. Check out the whisky tasting box blog, it might have some hints there, if not in the service’s product page.

Some subscription services might send you some treats or whisky accessories with your box. For instance, we have sent our costumers some whisky stones, cork coasters, Glencairn glasses and Chocisky chocolates in the past. These are all gifts, but we believe it makes a mystery box even more exciting than it already is.

Some accessories that may go within the whiskyflavour whisky mystery box


Look at The Price

There is a reason why this kind of services are not super cheap. And the reason we bring “price” to the conversation is the fact that it you can predict the quality of the subscription based on that. Always suspect a mystery box that is too cheap.

There are a few factors that increase the price of a subscription service like ours.

First, you have to count on the whisky expressions delivered. The more unique and expensive the whisky, the higher the price of the box.
The other factor that increases the price of a whisky mystery box, is the presentation itself. Will the whiskies be delivered in a card box? Or will they come to you in a handcrafted wooden box? Besides the price the brand has to pay to get the whisky in a premium box, it will protect your whisky during the journey to your place.

Speaking about protection of the whisky, the materials use to protect the bottles also count. If a box has a higher price, chances are that your whisky miniatures will be wrapped in bubble paper and accommodated nicely within the box to avoid getting broken.


Customer Support is the Ultimate Hint

Ever tried to contact a service / product customer support team and had the feeling the support isn’t really there? Our advice is to take a step back when there is a lack of support from a whisky mystery box.

It sure won’t live up to the price if the team behind the service can´t take the time to answer your questions or to solve any issue that might come up along the way.

Wooden box with an unbranded whisky miniature


The Whisky Flavour Mystery Box

You might have noticed by now that the Whisky Flavour Tasting Box is a subscription service in which you cannot choose the expressions delivered to you.

However, if you want, you can tell us your preferences and we will select the best whiskies to send you. Do you want a Scotch-only Subscription? Or an Irish-only tasting box? Is Bourbon more like your style? We can, possibly, make it happen.

Here’s what you can count by subscribing to our whisky tasting box:

  • 4 original branded whisky miniatures
  • A handcrafted, reusable wooden box
  • Perhaps some treats like Chocisky chocolate


Check out all the details, in our Whisky Tasting Box page!


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