Give the gift of fine whiskey

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Gift the gift of a fine whiskey this year

When Jesus turn water into wine at that wedding, the host of the wedding was applauded because he brought out the best wine at the end of the party instead of bringing out something of lesser quality after everyone had gotten drunk. That is an important lesson to keep in mind when you are looking to give someone alcohol as a present. When you are looking for an option on a great gift, why not consider a Whiskey Flavor subscription box? When you order one of these, you will have something that they will not forget for years to come.


What do you get in the subscription box?

When you order a subscription box from Whiskey Flavor, you will get subscription boxes with an assortment of whiskeys from around the world. These will be sample sizes so that you do not have to go out of your way to purchase full bottles, but it will also allow you get get a taste of good whiskey products so that you will know what to look for if you want to purchase a larger amount. These samplers will provide a good portion of whiskey that you can share with friends or try on your own.


Do I have options on the products that they will receive?

When you order a subscription box, your gift will come in one of three varieties. You can get the 18 year, 21 year, or 30 year box when you order and you have the option to have the boxes sent every month, every three months, or twice a year. The prices will change based on how often you have the boxes delivered, but you can be assured that they will receive a fine product on a regular basis for the time that you are paying for the subscription boxes.


Give a unique gift this year

Whiskey is a drink that is best enjoyed after you have developed an understanding of the taste and flavor that it provides, and it is a great gift to give someone that you care about. Take the time to give them a gift that they can enjoy for the entire year and will still be able to share with others as well. Just like Jesus at that wedding, be sure to bring out the best this year when you give a gift.

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