Good scotch brands

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Good scotch brands

Scotch has become incredibly over the last few years, which isn’t surprising considering the fact that whiskey in general has become one of the most popular spirits to consume compared to the “clear” liquors that were so popular just a few short years ago.

If you’ve been looking to get into the world of scotch but aren’t sure of which good scotch brands you should start trying first, the Whiskey Flavor program gives you a unique opportunity to dive right in with at least four sample bottles of some of the best scotch available each and every single month!


Here are just some of the good scotch brands that you’ll likely get an opportunity to try when you become a member of this program.


Glen Alba

This scotch brand has a unique aroma all onto itself, a rather dry finish that is pretty special, and just a hint of smokiness and spiciness that makes it very, very good.



Perhaps one of the most popular scotch brands available on the market today, and one of the most authentic as well, this scotch brand is smoky and sweet and everything that you are likely after in a scotch.



Perhaps not as well-known as some of the other good scotch brands out there, this hidden gem brand makes a fantastic single malt that has sweet and fruity flavors as well as a real pop of peat and smoke that you won’t ever forget.



Another of the good scotch brands out there, this company used to be one of the biggest distilleries in all of Scotland but has scaled back over the last 20 years or so to become more of a boutique and limited edition distillery. The quality of their scotch has shot through the roof, and today it is one of the most desired scotch brands on the planet.


Highland Park

A very approachable brand of scotch, this particular brand is relatively inexpensive (at least as far as scotch is concerned) but also brings together a real smokiness, fantastic fruity notes, and a velvety mouth feel that you just won’t get anywhere else at this price point.



Quickly becoming one of the most popular good scotch brands coming out of Scotland, this distillery has focused on building themselves up from the inside out. They hire local community members to work, honor all of the scotch producing traditions, and put out some of the best scotch money can buy today to boot.

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