Are You Interested in Japanese Whisky?

Japanese Whisky

Are You Interested in Japanese Whisky?

Whisky from Japan has been around since 1870. However, commercial production of this form of whisky didn’t start until 1924. At this time, the nation’s first bona fide distillery opened up and the rest is history. Today, Japanese whisky has a lot in common with Scotch whisky, rather than other types of whisky. It’s very classic in this respect and many different Japanese distilleries produce it nowadays.

Most whiskies which are produced in Japan are single malt styles or blended malt styles. As well, limited editions and special bottlings may be available.


Have You Tried Japanese Whisky?

You may already have a taste for Japanese whisky and want to sample more of it! If you’re new to Japanese whisky, you’ll find that it’s possible to sample some interesting single malts and blends via our unique and innovative whisky tasting box service.

We offer our customers access to subscription boxes which may be accessed once per month, every three months or every six months. Choose the right level of frequency, as well as your preferred whisky type. Then, await your stylish box, which will contain at least four miniature, original bottles of whisky.

Japonese Whisky

We created this service because people love to try new whiskies and the cost of investing in full bottles is often prohibitive. If you want to sample the best, without spending a bundle on full bottles, then you’re the type of customer who will benefit from this service.

It’s a great way to learn more about Japanese whisky and other whiskies from all over the world. As well, it’s just so affordable. The cost of your box will be scaled to the age of whisky that you select, so you’ll have control over how much you spend.

Trying whisky is a sensual experience and whiskies from all over the world all have their own unique nuances and notes. If you want to refine your whisky-tasting skills and broaden your horizons, you’ll find that our subscription box service is really impressive. It’s the key to learning more about Japan’s best whiskies, without busting your budget. Our tasting boxes also make great gift ideas for whisky connoisseurs.


Why Not Sign Up Today

A world of whisky will be at your fingertips when you choose our subscription box service. It’s a modern way to access whiskies from the most revered distilleries. With this in mind, why not sign up for our service today?

Are You Interested in Japanese Whisky


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