No fail, whisky cocktail – Scotch Whisky

whisky cocktail

No fail, whisky cocktail – Scotch Whisky

A new series of articles are coming fresh from the oven with some tips and recipes for the best whisky cocktails that you can make at home. The warm weather and summer breeze should inspire the true barmen or barwomen in you, and we are here to help you dazzle through the summer months.

We start with some unique whisky cocktails done with Scotch. Although we have chosen Glenfiddich, you can make these with any whisky of your choice.



Established in 1886 by William Grant in Dufftown, Scotland, the Glenfiddich distillery developed single malt whiskys that are still highly appreciated.

The production process gives the whisky a unique flavour. It is distilled at a single distillery with a pot still distillation process, from crushed malted grains with natural water from the Robbie Dhu springs. Afterwards, the whisky is matured in different casks, such as rum casks from the Caribbean, bourbon whisky barrels from America and Sherry butts from Jerez in Spain. The aging in these different casks will influence the flavour creating unique essences and aromas.

Following time-tested traditions, their stills are handmade by a dedicated on-site crafts team and coppersmiths, which guarantee its quality and attention to detail.

Their range includes 12, 15, 18 and 21 year-old whisky’s which are appreciated all over the world by Scotch enthusiasts.


Glenfiddich Whisky Cocktails

Scotch Tom Collins

This is a delicious sour drink perfect for any occasion. As it is really easy to make, you can show off some mixing skills to your friends in a very refreshing style.

  • 6 dashes of Lemon Juice
  • 1 oz. Glenfiddich (or any scotch of your preference)
  • Club Soda
  • Maraschino cherry

In a shaker, mix the lemon juice with the Glenfiddich and several ice cubes. Strain this into a Collins glass (a tall elongated glass) with ice and fill it with club soda. To give it a professional look, add a slice of lemon with a maraschino cherry. It will be a showstopper for any surprise guests this summer!

tom collins

The Rob Boy

The famous New York Waldorf-Astoria created this amazing cocktail in the 1890’s. Its inspiration came from the famous Broadway show “Rob Roy” which told the story of the Scottish Robin Hood of the 18th century. This cocktail also introduced Scotch to American society.

Its simplicity allows the whisky to shine through, so make sure you choose wisely. We recommend Glenfiddich, as it offers a unique flavour and twist.

The Rob Boy is also known as the Scotch Manhattan cocktail due to the choice of whisky. This is what distinguishes the Rob Boy from all the other Manhattan cocktails. It is without a doubt one of those recipes that any bartender must know, so it is perfect to add to your summer cocktail list.

  • 1 ½ oz. Glenfiddich (or any scotch of your preference)
  • ¾ oz. Sweet Vermouth
  • Angostura Bitters
  • Maraschino cherry

Stir well in a mixing glass some ice cubes, the whisky, the sweet vermouth and a dash of angostura bitters. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and top with a maraschino cherry for a beautiful professional look. No one will be able to resist its flavours and gorgeous colour!

Rob Boy cocktail

These two incredible recipes will allow you to have a fantastic start to this little adventure of ours. Stay tuned for the next incredible ideas that we will be sharing throughout the summer months.


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