Here’s how to get every ounce of flavor out of your whisky

whisky tasting

Here’s how to get every ounce of flavor out of your whisky

For those serious about really enjoying every subtle nuance that different whisky options bring to the table, simply pouring a shot and downing it isn’t going to cut the mustard.

No, world-class whisky deserves so much more than that – and so do you!

There are a handful of different things you can do to really bring out and awaken every ounce of flavor that your whisky has to offer, and all of them are really simple and straightforward. We’ve included a core group of tips and tricks you’ll want to remember every time you want to bring out the best of the whisky you have on hand below.

Use the right glasses

It can be tempting to pour your favorite whisky (or a brand-new choice) into the traditional whisky glass – a big old tumbler – but you’d be much better suited to pour your whisky into something a lot closer to a wine glass, something with a bit of a tulip shape.

This kind of shape helps to wake up and focus the aroma of your whisky, punching you right in the face with all of the subtleties that would have otherwise been lost with the wide-open barrel of your standard tumbler. This step alone is going to change the way that you drink whisky from here on out.

Be smart with your water

Again, you’re going to want to resist the temptation of drinking your whisky ‘on the rocks’ and just dumping a couple of ice cubes into your whisky.

To really wake up the aroma and the flavor that specific options offer, you’ll want to first taste your whisky ‘straight up’ before you add just a drop or two of water at a time to whisky without trying to dilute the spirit along the way.

This is a difficult tightrope to walk for sure, which is why you want to do so slowly, deliberately, and testing all the way. You’ll know exactly when you hit that ‘sweet spot’ where everything seems to come alive in your glass – and that’s when you can rock and roll!

Taste them all!

Obviously, you aren’t going to be able to taste every whisky ever created but it would be a terrible shame to settle on a ‘favorite’ after only trying a handful of different options and then throwing in the towel.

By all means keep that favorite on hand (and ready to go) but don’t be shy about trying different choices, different brands, and different styles of whisky using the tips we’ve included above. You may be surprised at what you uncover along the way.

Remember this – there is no such thing as bad whisky, it’s just that some are a little bit better than others!

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