The best magazines about whiskey

The best magazines about whiskey

Whiskey, be it Japanese, Scottish, Irish, french or American, is a drink that collects lovers around the world. Also known for being a social beverage, especially for being perfect for a friends meeting or to end a good meal, whiskey is a lot of men’s and also some women’s favorite drink. Nowadays, with the number of brands and manufactures growing, it’s natural that the number of specialized magazines displaying opinions of experts about everything that has to do with this beverage is also increasing. In this article you’re going to be presented to those who are considered the most important magazines about this beverage.


List of most popular whiskey magazines

In magazines focused on whiskey, be it Japanese, European or American, you’ll be able to find opinions and articles about many aspects of this beverage, things that go unnoticed by us, common people. The list we’re going to show you is about magazines, therefore it excludes the paper that’s considered the bible of whiskey, “Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible”. Check out right now the most important magazines about whiskey.


Whisky Advocate

The Whisky Advocate magazine, one of the most complete magazines of the world, is USA’s best selling publication about whiskey. Besides offering a handful of great quality articles about whiskey and everything around it, it also sponsors big events such as Whisky Fest, an event held in big north American cities.

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This quarterly magazine, winner of multiple international awards, is only available for the members of Scotch Malte Whisky Society. Therefore, it’s a magazine focused on this association and it’s matters, providing useful information for it’s associates, but also displaying a big amount of articles about whiskey, not only Scottish, but also Irish, Japanese, American and others. Besides articles about specific drinks, here you can also find more technical publications about everything related to the production of this beverage.

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Whisky Magazine

Launched in 1999, Whisky Magazine is a magazine from Gales. With two editions per month, it’s a magazine with all that’s new about whiskeys known worldwide, such as Britain whiskeys, but also whiskey coming from other places like Japan. With the help of various expert authors and available in many languages, this magazine reaches every corner of the world. There is also an online platform where, in addition to the contents of the magazine, can also offer a store, a forum and other functionalities.

Can’t find that Japanese, french whiskey or that less common brand, even after searching for it in every shop you normally go? Then shopping online is the best deal. Learn some tips in our article about “Tips for buying whiskey online”.

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Whisky Passion

This magazine is a little bit different from those mentioned before. Besides having articles concerning whiskey brands, it’s mainly a guide of whiskey routes.  Meaning it is the best magazine for those who love this beverage and would like to do a themed trip. The best bars, pubs and museums, the main distilleries, etc. As a dutch magazine, it’s directed to European countries that produce whiskey. But who knows, maybe we can also find some articles there about Japanese whiskey, a drink with recent fame but an ancient history.

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There are sill other very interesting magazines about this subject, such as the German “Der Whisky Botschafter”, or dutch “Whisky etc.”; great publications for true whiskey lovers.


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