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It is slightly hard to define which the best whiskey in the world is. We all have different preferences, different tastes and different inclinations. However, there are people that define the best whiskeys, each year, according the different standards.

In this article, we will give you a selection of the best whiskeys, according to professionals in the market. These whiskeys are divided according to their base ingredients or their production process. In this way, you will see which category suits you best, and which whiskey was chosen for this year’s awards.

Note however, that you might not agree with this. We challenge you to tell us your favourite and who knows, we might even make our own awards according to all of your feedback.


World’s Best Scotch Blended

This year, the winner of the best scotch blended whisky goes to: Johnie Walker, Gold Label Reserve

Relaunched in 2012, this whisky was developed around the core of single malt whisky from Clynelish. It is an incredible addition to the line-up of the master blender Jim Beveridge.

Notes & Character

This whisky offers a medium bodied notes with a soft smokiness and richness to it. Due to the notes of vanilla, butterscotch, caramel and honeysuckle, you will feel some sweetness when enjoying this.

johnie walker gold label reserve

World’s Best Bourbon

The winner of Best Bourbon goes to: 1792 – Full Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

This unique whiskey went under a distinctive filtering process, which influenced greatly its flavour. It is also bottled at its original 125 barrel entry proof, just like in the old days. This makes this Bourbon exceptionally distinct.

Notes & Character

Be amazed by its strong and full flavour. With some unique sweet and smoky notes balanced by vanilla and caramel, you will be surprised once you take a sip.

1792 full proof kentucky straight bourbon whiskey

World’s Best Single Malt

This will certainly come as no surprise. The winner of best single malt goes out to: Hakushu, 25 years Old

This is a rarity and a truly fabulous peated Japanese Whisky. With many awards won among the years, you will be blown away by it once you try it.

Notes & Character

Rich, smoky and sweet due to the wood, linseed, rhubarb, raspberries and custard sweets offer uniqueness and desire. There is definitely something special here. The end will add some richness and nuttiness to create an everlasting pleasure.

hakushu 25 years

World’s Best American Rye

The best American Rye goes to: 291 – Colorado Rye Whiskey Aspen Stave Finished.

Distilled in a copper pot still, aged in American White Oak barrels for a year and finished in Colorado aspen Staves. This process gives this whiskey a uniqueness and a traditional flavour, which will delight anyone who comes across.

Notes & Character

Sweet and bold notes of cinnamon, rye bread, oak and maple will come through once you try it. Perfect for any occasion, these incredible profile notes become extra special in this time of year.

291 Colorado Whiskey

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