Blaue Maus Single Cask Malt – German Whisky

Blaue Maus Single Cask Malt - german whisky

Blaue Maus Single Cask Malt – German Whisky

At the landscape of whisky production worldwide, Germany is just taking the first steps. German Whisky is still very recent, having just a few decades of existing. The oldest distillery is Blaue Maus. It has a small production and it is one of the most renown in Germany. They produce Blau Maus Single Cast Malt.

Blaue Maus is a small family company, pioneers in German whisky production. Since 1983, like the old days, they are still producing small quantities, and their main expressions are single malt whiskies.

Blau Maus Single Cask Malt is a handmade German whisky, aged for 7 years in German oak cask and rigorous crafted. The result is very authentic, resulting in a German whisky with a strong personality. If you are looking for something new to try, this whisky is a great opportunity to know and taste one of the German whisky treasures.


Blaue Maus Single Cask Malt – Features

As with other whiskies produced in Germany, the herbal taste tends to arise, distinguish it from the ones produced in Scotland or Ireland. Consumers that search for German whisky are generally looking for something unique and unusual.


Aromas and Flavours

First sensations of aromas reveal what we already know about this whisky. Strong herbal aromas, wood and moss. A very revigorating aroma. As for flavours, this German whisky primes for tastes like chestnuts, mint and caramelized pears. A very pleasant taste. The finish is long but elegant and soft.


Are you curious to try it? Let us know if you already did and your opinion about it.


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