Nikka Pure Malt Black – japanese whisky

Nikka Pure Malt Black – japanese whisky

Nikka Pure Malt Black – japanese whisky

Japan has been conquering his place in whisky history. Even though only in the recent years has been standing out between whisky lovers, in fact, Japanese whisky has roots going back to the beginning of the 20th century. One of the most well known distilleries in all japanese whisky history is Nikka.


Nikka Pure Malt Black

Pure malt is a whisky produced using only barley malt. For that, has unique characteristics, great personality in the flavours and intensity. However, it is important to remind that pure malt is not the same as single malt. Having Scottish influences in Japanese whisky it is natural that the way both whiskies are produced is quite similar.


Nikka Pure Malt Black – Characteristics

Nikka distillery offers several expressions of pure malt Japanese whisky, being the Pure Malt Black one of them. In the same range, you can also find the Nikka Pure Malt Red, made with malt from the Miyagikyo distillery, it has a softer and delicate flavor; the Nikka Pure Malt White, made with malt from Islay (Scotland), more heavy and strongly flavored, and at last, the Nikka Pure Malt Black, made with malt from Yoichi. This last one is quite strong and powerful whisky.


Nikka Pure Malt Black – Aromas and flavours

This is a japanese whisky with strong character. Having a strong and intense aroma and flavor, this whisky is heavily marked by peat. So, it is a whisky with rich and complex flavours, offering an experience quite interesting.

If you are looking for a whisky that stands out from the softer blended flavours, Nikka Pure Malt Black is a great choice!



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