Old whisky – the most valuable bottles ever

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Old whisky – the most valuable bottles ever

It is common, when talking about old whisky, address whiskies from 15 years to 25. But, in fact, old whiskies don’t reach only 25 years, there are many bottles with more aging. There are some examples of high quality whisky, with 50 or more years. Being very special drinks, it is also natural that they reach very high prices. Here we present the 4 most valuable bottles of  Old Whisky ever created.


The most expensive old whisky – Top 4

Each distillery, seeks to make Special Editions which present longer periods of aging and special features. But some, due to several factors, end up becoming more valuable than others.

Here are the 4 most expensive bottles ever:


#1 – Macallan 1946

the most expensive whisky bottles ever -macallan 1946
credits from nickollsandperks.co.uk


This whisky has the record of being the most expensive bottle of old whisky. Sold in 2010 at a charity auction, a bottle of Macallan 1946 cost the modest sum of 460k USD.


#2 – Whisky Dalmore Trinitas 64 years

the most expensive whisky bottles ever - dalmore 64
credits from joshua-s.com

One of the most prestigious Scotch’s distilleries created a limited edition malt, resulting in a unique blend of vintages of exceptional years. This limited and special edition had only 3 bottles, in which were mixed whiskies from 1868, 1878, 1926, 1939 and even 1940. Every bottle costs 162k USD.


#3 – Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955

the most expensive whisky bottles ever - glenfiddich janet roberts 1955
credits from craveonline.com

In the year of the founder’s death, in 2012, this very special edition was named after her granddaughter.  There were only 15 bottles, and 11 of them were auctioned, reaching 94k USD.


#4 – Glenfiddich Rare Collection 1937

the most expensive whisky bottles - glenfiddich rare collection 1937
credits from luxpresso.com

Distilled in 1937, this whisky is part of the collection of Glenfiddich’s rare whiskies. It was aged for over 60 years, and the barrel was open for bottling in 2001. Only 61 bottles were produced, each having reached the amount of 71k USD.

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