Johnnie Walker Labels

Johnnie Walker Labels

Johnnie Walker Labels

Regarding well known Scotch brands, there are few so recognized worldwide as Johnny Walker. Beverages like Red Label made this brand known and appreciated by millions, being just one of the Scotch’s brand. Here you will  know the specific features of each Johnnie Walker Labels.

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The classic Johnnie Walker Labels

Red Label

johnnie walker red label
credits from Johnnie Walker

Red Label scotch is perhaps one of the most known around the world as it was the first to be exported in a grand scale. In addition to the taste, one of the facts that helped Red Label become famous was its square shaped bottle. Unlike traditional round bottles, this type of bottle turned out to be a differentiating factor that turned several brands of Scotch, including Johnnie Walker, quite famous. Of course, apart from this detail, even more important was the fact that it is a whisky with popular flavor, that mixes the blended of the west and east regions.

Black Label

johnnie walker black label
credits from Johnnie Walker

This is one of the most popular whiskies, both for its quality but also for its special blend of cereals, giving a unique flavor to this beverage. As the result of the mixture of forty grains and single malts, the Black Label whisky is a drink with a fruity and earthy aroma and a touch of vanilla. This Scotch contains a special mixture of wheat, barley and water, aging over a period of 12 years.

Green Label

johnnie walker green label
credits from crown wine and spirits

This Scotch is characterized by having a very exquisite and unique taste. Produced from a blend of malts from different sources, such as the field, the forest and the beach, and mixed with peach peel, cherry or orange, Green Label Scotch results in a very tasty and different whisky.

Gold Label

johnnie walker gold label
credits from Johnnie Walker

This Johnnie Walker Scotch is a very special label, which is characterized by having a golden appearance and a flavor and consistency quite unusual within the various categories of Scotch. It has a very rich and tangy flavor, is the result of a mixing between raisins, caramel, honey and almonds. The end result is a very creamy Scotch and unique between all the brands and whisky market. Gold Label has been conceived and designed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the brand.

Blue Label

johnnie walker blue label
credits from Johnnie Walker

Within the various labels of Johnnie Walker, Blue Label is the best and pricier. Produced from the finest blends of Scotch, especially the aged drinks in older barrels, Blue Label is a special and great quality Scotch. The Blue Label served as base for the most interesting Johnnie Walker’s whiskies, and one of the most special ones was the “King George V”, a commemorative edition, created in honor of the brand founder, John Walker.


johnnie walker blue label king george v edition
credits from enovinho


All these whiskies, each in their own way, makes the Johnnie Walker an undeniable mark on the world market for Scotch. If you consider yourself a fan of Whisky, you must try the labels of Johnnie Walker.


Which is your favourite Johnnie Walker Label?


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