Snacks With Whiskey

Appetizers for whisky

There are millions of people all around the world that enjoy whiskey, and many enjoy it in different ways. There are many various countries that are all very big fans of whiskey, and it should be noted that the composition of whiskey varies differently, depending on the region where it is produced. For example, American whiskey is made out of rye and wheat. There are also different variations on whiskey, such as the bourbon that the U.S. state of Kentucky is so well-known for.

Whiskey has a very strong taste, especially when compared to other alcohol such as beer. The truth is that since it has such a strong taste, many establishments are often confused about what exact foods to serve with whiskey. There is a balance of not wanting to take too much taste away from the whiskey, while still hoping to nourish the drinker with food so that he or she can continue drinking. While there is much debate over snacks with whiskey and what should be served, here are some great suggestions.



It’s no secret that nuts are very famous as a bar food, and with good reason. They aren’t normally considered a “pairing” as much an essential snack for those drinking. Salted peanuts are a very simple snack that is often used, as some suggest that salt means that customers might order more drinks. Others swear by unsalted nuts as the perfect compliment to whiskey, so that no taste is dominated too much. There are still other bars and restaurants that prefer cashews. Either way, nuts are a great choice for a snack with whiskey.


Baked Goods

Sometimes it’s not about the most obvious choice. For example, we all know that movie theaters are known to serve popcorn. You might even immediately associate popcorn with movies given the fact that it is such a strong tradition. However, movie theaters are now looking further than those simple snacks, and many of them are offering full food and drink service.

The movie theaters are obviously doing this because they are looking for profit. However, even if you took your snacks with whiskey to a new level, wouldn’t it be a solid investment in itself? There are all sorts of bars all over the world that offer peanuts. Why not separate yourself from the rest and offer baked goods such as cookies or brownies? The taste might be sweet, but not enough to overwhelm the whiskey, and it might appeal to more customers. There is also a “homely” touch to baked goods that might help convey more warmth to your customer, as well.

You might think immediately of cookies when it comes to “baked goods”, but bagels and crackers are also a great option. The idea here is that a dry bread of some kind can help to absorb some of the whiskey in your stomach.


Dried Fruit

While there are certainly people that simply love to drink their whiskey in peace, one of the snacks with whiskey that is well-known is dried fruit. There is the idea that dried fruit has the kind of subtle flavor that won’t affect your whiskey drinking, and there are even people that take it farther and pair certain dried fruit with different types of whiskey.

One of the most famous snacks with whiskey is none other than date palm. For those who are unaware, the date palm has a sweetness to it, and has been consumed for thousands of years. It certainly doesn’t have the popularity of other dried fruits, but it is known to complement whiskey pretty well.


No Fried Foods Or Processed Foods

When some people think of a bar, they think about some incredible bar appetizers for them to feast on while they enjoy their drinks. Some of the most popular bar food dishes include wings, nachos, quesadillas, and mozzarella sticks. However, there is essentially a rule when it comes to pairing snacks with whiskey that doesn’t really allow for fried foods to be consumed with whiskey. After all, fried foods have a tremendous amount of taste and flavor, and it kind of defeats the purpose of drinking whiskey. How are you going to taste the whiskey if you are still tasting the buffalo wings you just ate?

Processed foods also aren’t exactly big when it comes to snacks with whiskey. This is one of the reasons you will always find nuts laid out at bars, rather than potato chips, for example.

For those who aren’t too excited about these choices – have no fear. There are still a couple of snacks with whiskey left. If you have a sweet tooth, you might consider dark chocolate as an option. If you aren’t too hungry and want to munch on something that won’t affect your palate, celery sticks are also a great idea!

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