Swiss Whiskey Liquor – Gold Bee

Swiss Whiskey Liquor – Gold Bee

The Langatun distillery is a strong name in Switzerland when it comes to production of whiskey. With an old history, lasting centuries already, this recently reactivated factory is also a producer of Swiss whiskey now. You can learn more about this distillery in our article “Langatun – A distillery of Swiss whiskey.”

Besides many distilled beverages and some whiskeys, this place also produces a liquor of Swiss whiskey of great quality. By connecting the unique flavor of one of it’s single malts with a very aromatic honey, they created a drink that you’re certainly going to like. Learn more about the features of the Swiss whiskey liquor Gold Bee, and more: learn how to harmonize this drink.

Features of the Swiss whiskey liquor Gold Bee

The Swiss whiskey liquor Gold Bee is based on a single malt whiskey called Langatun Old Deer. This whiskey isn’t smoked, hence it’s very soft. It’s then sweetened with honey that comes from Mexico, more specifically Yucatan, a honey that’s very aromatic. Besides honey, they also add natural vanilla extract and some tropical spices. It’s reduced until it’s 28% alcohol, making the drink a little softer. As you can see, this is an extremely pleasant liquor to drink, combined with many flavors in a soft and harmonic way. A Swiss drink with strong tropical sensations.

How to drink the Swiss whiskey liquor Gold Bee

This drink offers many options of harmonization, from a simple snack to a full meal.

Therefore, for those who like to start their meal with a snack, the Swiss whiskey liquor is a great option. As a side, this drink is perfect to be served with sweeter dishes. Finally, this liquor can also be used as an ingredient of a cocktail. The features of the Swiss whiskey liquor Gold Bee are perfect to create soft and unique drinks, to enjoy with your friends or at a party.

If you haven’t tried the Swiss whiskey liquor Gold Bee yet, from Langatun, it’s definitely time to do so. To learn more about the single malt in it’s core, check out our article “The Langatun “brothers””.

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