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whisky subscription

How to choose the right whiskey club subscription

With so many different whiskey club subscription options available on the market today to pick and choose from, finding the perfect option for your specific needs is a lot more challenging than it probably seems on the surface.

Giving you the opportunity to try a number of different kinds whiskey, styles of whiskey, and brands of whiskey that you may never have been exposed to before, this kind of subscription can be invaluable – especially if you have fallen in love with this kind of spirit!

Here are some tips and tricks to help you sort through all of the whiskey club subscription options available on the market today and land the right one for your needs.


Can you trust this whiskey club subscription company?

Above all else, you need to make sure that you are always doing business with a 100% legitimate whiskey club subscription company.

There is a world of difference between established companies that have a fantastic track record for delivering top-notch whiskey every month at a fair price and fly-by-night companies promising the moon in the stars but never delivering the goods – or, even worse, walking away with your personal, private, and payment information without giving you anything in return.

Always do your research and due diligence before you pull the trigger on this kind of subscription.


Do they offer premium whiskey options in every monthly box?

There are more than a few monthly whiskey club subscription companies out there that promise to include premium samples of whiskey that you may never have the opportunity to purchase in full-sized bottles just because of their price tag, but not all of them deliver on this promise – and others still may only deliver one bottle of this variety every year just to keep up appearances.

Choose a monthly subscription that is going to offer you premium whiskey every month, giving you the opportunity to try the kind and caliber of whiskey you were hoping to try in the first place.


Do they have a whiskey club subscription option that fits your budget?

The very best subscription options on the market today including number of different price points that allow you to not only pick and choose the caliber of whiskey you get to try, but also the frequency of your deliveries and the amount of samples that you receive in every box.


Work with the kinds of companies that give you flexibility in this department so that you don’t ever have to worry about going over budget just to enjoy everything a proper whiskey club subscription brings to the table.

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