Indulge in the Best Whisky at Whisky Flavour

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Indulge in the Best Whisky at Whisky Flavour

If you’ve always wanted to sample the world’s most impressive whiskys and you’re interested in spending as little money as possible in order to indulge, then you’ll benefit from discovering the Whisky Flavor website! It’s definitely the best place to sign up for a Whisky Flavor Subscription Box which contains four or more original, miniature bottles of whisky of your preferred vintage.

We send out stylish wooden boxes packed with premium whisky flavor to our subscribers once a month, once every three months or once every six months. Choose your preferred level of frequency when you order, just as you choose your preferred whisky age. We’ll adjust the price of your order based on frequency and whisky vintage, so you’ll always know exactly what you will need to pay!

Then, sit back, relax and wait for the world’s best blends, single malts and rye whiskys (and other types of fine whiskys) to arrive at your doorstep. All of our boxes are sent out via registered post and we love the positive feedback that this unique and innovative service gets!

Since you won’t have to spend a bundle on full bottles in order to try the whiskys that you’ve always dreamed of tasting, you’ll find that our subscription box service is incredibly affordable. It also makes an amazing gift for any whisky fan!


Which Whisky Age is Right for You?

We offer whisky subscription boxes with different whisky ages. For example, if you choose our one-month subscription service, which will grant you access to a new box of at least four mini-bottles of whisky each and every month, you’ll be able to choose from whisky which is aged for 18, 21 or 30 years. You’ll have the same three “whisky age” options if you choose a three-month or six-month subscription!

How old the whisky in your box will be is up to you. Every subscriber is different. We cater to the tastes and preferences of our clients by offering superb options. Naturally, the older whiskys tend to cost a bit more (there may be exceptions), so giving our customers choices helps them to tailor their subscription boxes to their budgets, too!

When you browse for the right subscription, you’ll be able to filter results by price, which will help you if budget is a priority. We’ve created an online interface which is designed to provide all of the information and assistance that our customers want and need!


How to Taste Whisky

We recommend drinking whisky from a glass snifter, as it has the right material and the right shape. it will bring out the aroma, flavor and texture of whisky like no other glass! The wide base of a snifter is just right for swirling around whisky and then enjoying its scent. In a pinch, a wineglass should work pretty well. Actually, any glass, cup or mug will work. However, a snifter is the most traditional vessel for whisky, with good reason, and most housewares shops on and offline sell them for affordable rates.

When you inhale the aroma of whisky, try not to stick your nose down into the glass. Whisky contains quite a bit of alcohol, which may affect you when you breathe it in. It’s better to keep your nose near the top of the glass. You’ll capture the scent without getting woozy.

Swirl the whisky around before you smell it and look at the whisky as you do so. If it clings to the sides of the glass, it’s likely got a more viscous texture. All whiskys are different and paying attention to the fine details before you indulge is the key to becoming a whisky connoisseur.

Then, savor your spirit, slow sip by slow sip!


We hope that you sign up for a whisky tasting subscription box today. It’s great fun to receive a box and it will allow you to try wonderful whiskys without investing in full bottles.

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