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Whisky BlackFriday

If you have been trying to figure out whether or not the whisky BlackFriday deal from Whisky Flavor is right for that special someone on your gift list this year, hopefully by the time we share all of the inside information we have for you below about this whisky subscription program you’ll know the answer!

Whisky Flavor has been around for quite a while now in the subscription service business, and many folks consider them to be the very best of the best when it comes to sending and receiving sample bottles of some of the world’s best whisky each and every single month.

Offering big benefits that a lot of other operations can’t, and surprising those that are passionate about whisky with the opportunity to try bottles and brands as well as different styles that they might not have tried on their own before, Whisky Flavor makes a fantastic gift all year round – and the whisky BlackFriday deals they offer is pretty special, too.


At least four bottles of specialty whisky send out every month

The first thing that really helps to separate this whisky BlackFriday deal from the rest of the Black Friday deals out there is the fact that you will be able to send at least four bottles of specialty whisky out to your gift recipients every single month.

This gives your special someone the opportunity to enjoy four different kinds, four different styles, and four different brands of whisky that they might not have tried otherwise every single month, it also gives them the opportunity to enjoy the other cool little bonus extras that are included with every monthly subscription pack.


Shipping all over the world

Another huge advantage that makes this whisky BlackFriday deals so special is the fact that you are going to be able to deliver these whisky bottles to customers all over the world without any headache or hassle whatsoever. Flat rate shipping prices guarantee that you never pay too much for shipping no matter what, and you’ll be able to send this gift halfway across the world or just down the street.


You’re always in complete control

The coolest thing about the Whisky Flavor subscription is that you’re always in the driver seat. You get to decide the ages of the whisky and you get to decide the duration of this subscription and gift. It’s not hard to send (at least) 48 sample bottles of whisky to a friend (or yourself!) each year!

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