Expensive whiskey brands

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Expensive whiskey brands

Whiskey is a unique liquor in that it really runs the gamut from really inexpensive “grandpas cough medicine” style whiskeys that you can pick up for next to nothing all the way up to some of the most expensive and rare spirit options available anywhere on the planet.

Expensive whiskey brands have been popping up left and right over the last few years as whiskey itself has grown more popular, with these boutique style distilleries producing some of the most exciting and interesting new whiskey options available. As always, however, the older whiskey options are usually the most expensive of the bunch – with some expensive whiskey brands offering options that are anywhere between 30 and 70 years old or older!

As part of your Whiskey Flavor subscription, you’ll get the chance to try some of the most expensive whiskey brands available in simple sized bottles without ever worrying about blowing up your bank account into tiny little pieces. Here are just some of the expensive whiskey brands that you will be able to enjoy as part of your yearly subscription!



Perhaps most well-known for the 55-year-old whiskey that they make available in very limited quantities, this expensive whiskey brand offers a single bottle of this 55-year-old scotch at a price tag of $12,500 per bottle.



Another whiskey brand that offers incredibly expensive options, the 50-year-old whiskey that this company produced sells for $16,000 per bottle. Only two runs of this whiskey have ever been made available for sale.


Highland Park

For the limited edition 50-year-old single malt whiskey that this company made available they hired a luxury Scottish jewelry designer to produce a bottle that represents everything that this scotch brought to the table, which pushed the price tag of a single bottle of this scotch north of $17,000.



They truly luxury liquor brand, this company made its first bottle of whiskey available for sale in 2005, offering a whiskey that had been aged for 62 years for a price tag of $58,000. That’s a pretty expensive bottle if you ask us!


Isabella’s Islay

The most exclusive, as well as the rarest, brand of whiskey available today is this Scottish option, with only a handful of bottles ever sold. Each decanter is adorned with more than 8500 diamond and 300+ rubies, and a single bottle goes for the whopping price tag of more than $6.2 million apiece.

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