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Whisky Gift

If you’re hoping to surprise someone with a gift that they aren’t ever going to forget, one of the best ways to do exactly that this holiday season – or any time, all year round, for that matter – is to provide them with a whisky gift set that includes a monthly subscription of new whisky options they’ll get to try month in and month out like clockwork.

Ask any big whisky fan what they are big regret is when it comes to tasting whisky and they will inevitably tell you that they never get the chance to try as many of the different whisky options available on the market today as they would like to. Even if they are routinely trying new bottle after new bottle as often as they finish the old one, the odds are pretty good that they are only ever getting to try a half a dozen bottles of whisky every year – if that!

Well, with the perfect whisky gift from a company like Whisky Flavor (a company that offers a subscription service that sends out a number of different small whisky samples to customers – of age, of course – on a monthly basis), you’ll be able to help them try all different kinds of new whisky out, including bottles and brands that they may never thought about trying themselves in the past.


Your recipients get to try more whisky than they ever would have imagined possible

The coolest thing about giving this kind whisky gift to someone that really appreciates this particular kind of spirit is the fact that they are going to be able to try all kinds of different whisky blends and whisky varieties from some of the biggest names in the business. Because these bottles are smaller than your traditional size, they don’t have to worry about getting huge bottles of whisky that they aren’t crazy about – and they’ll be able to get through more kinds of whisky at the same time!


This subscription lets you customize the options sent out

Another huge advantage that the Whisky Flavor subscription service offers is the ability to enjoy new styles of whisky you may not have been able to otherwise. You’ll get at least four sample bottles of whisky in every box (sometimes more), and can choose from 18 year, 21 year, and 30 year styles that are going to help you better appreciate everything that the whisky world has to offer!

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