5 Reasons to Consider a Whisky Subscription

Anyone who has acquired a taste and developed a fondness for whisky will want to indulge in new experiences. It is similar to how all connoisseurs feel, whether it is about wines or music, literature or cuisines. Whisky subscription is a pragmatic option for connoisseurs. All whisky lovers cannot be clubbed into the same group as there are different kinds of the popular liquor. Naturally then the type of subscription and what you can avail must be relevant. Considering such diverse needs and preferences, a whisky subscription can be a wonderful way to explore new concoctions.

  • The first reason why you should consider a whisky subscription is to get access to miniatures. As is the case with wines, it is not a given that you will like a particular brand or bottle of whisky. You may not want to indulge in a full standard bottle if you do not enjoy the taste, flavor, texture or the aftereffect. Miniatures enable whisky drinkers to dry different originals, malts and blends without making a major commitment. The miniatures serve as an introduction and if you like one then you can always order for more and go for the standard bottles subsequently.
  • A noteworthy benefit of subscriptions is the cost. Since you are getting miniatures and not standard bottles, the price of each whisky is significantly less. In some cases you shall be able to try half a dozen types of whisky for the cost of two standard bottles of originals. This is a huge saving. Whisky is not an inexpensive indulgence, especially if you are into the finer variants. There are many inexpensive whisky brands but the best ones are usually a tad heavy on the wallet. A subscription can make the indulgence and the exploration substantially affordable.
  • The third reason why you should go for a whisky subscription is access to brands and concoctions that you would not readily get at the stores near you. Every major whisky brand in the world has mass produced variants and a few limited editions. These limited editions are available through select retailers or partners. Some exclusive editions are not available in any retail store. It is not uncommon for companies to have three to five variants that are only available when you visit their facilities. These are truly special variants and they are inarguably the finest. A subscription will provide you access to many of the limited editions, originals, exclusives and other variants that are not sold at retail liquor stores.
  • The fourth advantage of a subscription is the steady supply of your preferred or chosen whisky. You can choose a specific type or different kinds and get them delivered to your doorstep every month. You can subscribe for only a month, three months, six months or a year. A perennial subscription will effectively have a few surprises you can look forward to every month. You can plan your tasting sessions with friends and family accordingly. You can make plans for weekends and special occasions factoring in the bottles you get in the box every month. You will have something new to try and the favorites to treasure at any given point in time.
  • Whisky subscription empowers connoisseurs to indulge in experiences that are not possible otherwise. For instance, you can taste certain types of whisky only when you visit the facilities of the manufacturers. Subscribing for a box gets you exactly the type of whisky you want to taste right now. You can choose twelve years, eighteen years, twenty one years or thirty years. You can get premium bottles at discounted prices.

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