4 Reasons to Consider a Whisky Gift Set

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A whisky gift set is not for everyone. It is definitely for connoisseurs and those who are growing fond of different types of whisky. If you know someone who wants to indulge in an exquisite experience and has acquired the taste of whisky, a gift set can be just the perfect option for their birthday, anniversary or other special occasions. Here are four reasons why you should consider a whisky gift set for a dear one.

  • It is a unique gift. The term unique has become so overused that is sounds like a cliché. Yet, the term is literally suitable when you have premium whiskey aged for eighteen, twenty one or thirty years. There are miniatures you cannot buy at retail stores. There are brands and specific editions that you will not find at a local liquor store. Some of the rarer bottles are not even available online. Only a subscription can get you a few special editions. It is quite possible that the recipient of your gift has not tried any of the whisky that comes in the set. It is also possible that the recipient is unaware of the particular brand, type of whisky, its age or the specific concoction. From classic single malts to rare aged whisky, there is substantial diversity and it takes years to explore the world of fine liquor. A gift set can provide a glimpse of what the world of whisky has to offer.
  • A whisky gift set is a form of expression. It shows how much you know about the recipient and there is a tinge of uncertainty too. This combination makes the gift a rather exciting option. Anyone who loves whisky will want to try different brands but not everyone has a predictable experience. A gift cannot be exciting if it is too predictable. The whole gift set will be a surprise for sure. The specific bottles will also have a pleasant surprise. A typical gift set contains more than one whisky. It is not just one gift but a few packed in a box. If you already are a subscriber of Whisky Flavor then you may not even have to put in any additional effort. You can simply use a box you get for a particular month as the gift. You may also choose a special box for gifting purpose.
  • Whisky gift set paves the way for a shared experience. Millions of people cherish their evening drink but most would rather have a peg or two with a dear friend. A gift box can be used for whisky tasting. It can make for a wonderful evening of pleasant indulgence. It is also possible that you may not have tried one of the whisky brands or variants in the box so not only is the recipient of your gift awaiting a surprise but too could be on the same boat of exploration.
  • Aged whisky survives a long time. It is not like wine. Whisky does not age in a glass bottle. Even if your friend or family member is using a container other than the bottle in the box, the whisky will not deteriorate or go bad. If you choose any eighteen, twenty one or thirty years old whisky, it will remain so for the next five years, ten years and even twenty years if it is kept in a dry, cool and dark place. Avoiding direct exposure to sunlight is the only precautionary step one has to take. The gift can effectively last a really long time if one chooses to. Also, the whisky gift set comes in a nice box so it can be a great keepsake.

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