A toast to all dads

fathers day whisky

It is that time of the year again. Time to celebrate the wonderful job of all dads all around the world. This special day needs to be celebrated as they have such an important place in the education and growth of their children. So yes, we are here to raise a toast to them, to the love they share and to the support they give in their families.

So you may wonder, what is the best gift you could give this father’s day? A gift that keeps on giving, a gift that teaches, that toasts and shares the love you feel for them. This year, give a whisky and toast to them, the way they deserve.

To all the fathers out there

May they be young or older;
they deserve the same attention this special day.

With Whisky Flavour, we offer you personalized packages of whisky so that they can get inspired and learn about one of the most intriguing and amazing spirits. With Whisky Flavour packages, you are giving them a chance to learn, to taste and to enjoy something special, just like them

Whisky Flavour Subscription Box

With the Whisky Flavour subscription boxes, you can choose the one that best suits your dad. Whether he is already a whisky connoisseur or a beginner in the whisky world, there is a package for him. In this way, we can say that there is a Whisky Flavour Whisky Package for all the fathers out there.

Therefore, you may wonder, where to begin and how to order one before it is too late.

Choose a Whisky Flavour Subscription Box

We have three types of subscription boxes that you can choose from. These vary from the ages of the whiskies, which means, it varies in its complexities. The older the whisky, the more intriguing it gets, and normally you must be a true whisky lover to understand and feel its true essence.

So the first whisky flavour subscription box we offer has whiskeys with at least years. This means that they have rested in the barrels for that amount of time. It might seem a lot but this gives the whisky some nice smooth notes that are easily enjoyed.

The second Whisky Flavour subscription box has whiskies with 21 years. These whiskies have bolder notes and will leave a harmonious flavour that can be enjoyed long after its sip. You will feel that these notes are slightly stronger and will last longer than the first subscription box. This is a perfect gift to whisky lovers and enjoy their glass every now and then.

The last subscription box of Whisky Flavour has whiskies with 30 years. This box is for the true connoisseurs, the true whisky lovers. This package will amaze anyone by its long lasting flavours and notes. They will feel like an inspiration and will leave anyone wishing for more.

Do not let this fool you. Anyone can enjoy any subscription box, whether or not your dad understands and enjoys whisky. What we describe above is simply a suggestion that will allow you to guide yourself better in our website.

Why choose Whisky Flavour?

Why us and not all the other subscription packages out there? Well, what we offer is genuine. All the miniatures you will find in our packages are original so that you can rest assure that what you buy is what you get. We do not make miniatures with already opened bottles. This process can influence the true whisky notes, so we want you to enjoy and appreciate the whisky for what it is.

Leave a special note

It is father’s day, so you probably want to leave him a personalized special note. Feel free to add these to the notes and we will ensure that this is included in your package, to make it even more special for you dad.

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