A toast to Christmas with WhiskyFlavour

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With less than a month to go, it is time to focus on the Christmas gifts. There is nothing worse than spending hours in shops and malls trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. With WhiskyFlavour you do not have to worry about that.

From the comfort of your home, you can choose different packages that will be sent directly to your favourite person, wherever he or she is.

WhiskyFlavour Packages

Our team has developed different packages to suits different needs. For the beginners’ in the whisky world, to the most experienced ones. Start this journey with us, as let us help in this time of sharing and of love.

The packages are easy to select and can vary from one delivery or for several months. They are all handmade and selected according to the season and to the flavours of each whisky.

Each package will come with original miniature bottles that can be selected as follow:

Premium Tasting – Whisky 18 years

This package is perfect for the beginners in the whisky universe. You will be able to try younger whiskies with more smooth and light flavours. This package will offer a great selection of whiskies for you to feel comfortable enough to try the older and bolder ones.

Premium Tasting – Whisky 21 years

The package of 21 years is ideal for the ones who already appreciate whisky. This is for the ones who are ready to take a step further and understand the layers that a whisky with 21 years can offer. The selection here is thought to create the entrance to the older whiskies with stronger and deeper flavours

Premium Tasting – Whisky 30 years

This is for the true connoisseurs of whisky. The ones who understand and value whisky like no other. If you know someone like this, then this is the perfect package for them. Or for yourself. Dive into a new world with this package and discover some outstanding whiskies with 30 or more years. Whiskies that offer a depth of flavour and of notes like no other.

whiskyflavour tasting set

What better way to celebrate Christmas? A complete whisky package that can vary between one, three, six and twelve months. Enjoy our selections for as long as you wish and give this Christmas a gift that keeps on giving.  

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