A Whiskey love story

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There is nothing better in life than a toast to love. Especially if this is a whiskey toast!

We all know that Valentine is just around the corner, and you definitely want to give something special to your special one. With Whisky Flavour, you can give a gift that keeps on giving. In addition, most importantly, can be enjoying by both of you.

Take the next steps and get your gift before it is too late.

Head to your website


Go to the Shop button

Choose the whiskey year you prefer

  • Whisky Flavour 18 Years
  • Whisky Flavour 21 Years
  • Whisky Flavour 30 Years

Choose a package

  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months

Add to chart

Add all your details and let our team prepare your valentine package. You will receive this in your home, ready to be enjoyed immediately.


This wonderful package does not require you to spend hours in shops and cues. You can choose from the comfort of your home and receive once it is ready, wherever you are!

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