The best Black Friday Whiskey deals

best Black Friday Whiskey deals

The best Black Friday Whiskey deals

The countdown is running. Just a couple of days more and we will surprise you with the best Black Friday Whiskey deals, you can find online!

Our Black Friday whiskey deals are something really special, you won’t find easily. Opposed to most companies wich sell full bottles of whiskey we specialize on whiskey subscription boxes. In case you never heard about our service, take a few moments to read all about it!

The best Black Friday Whiskey deals: Find your whiskey subscription

A whiskey subscription is the perfect way to taste a lot of different whiskeys without spending tons of money. Instead of sending you full bottles of whiskey, we surprise you with miniature whiskey bottles. Those samples have been bottled by the original producer and contain some of the best whiskeys you will find on the market. Every subscription box is full of different assorted whiskeys, that we choose for you. You might receive French whiskey, rare Swedish spirits or a smokey classic from Ireland or Scotland. best Black Friday Whiskey deals

Avoid stressful shopping and order online

The best Black Friday Whiskey from Whisky Flavour deals are not only allowing you to taste outstanding whiskeys. The other advantage is, that you order online without facing the hustle of doing your Black Friday Shopping in a mall. You choose your favorite box and simply wait, until it arrives via shipping. By the way: We ship worldwide. Even if you are not a resident of the US, you will benefit from our whiskey deals.

Old whiskeys are our thing

We are specialized on old whiskeys. The youngest whiskey we sell aged for at least 18 years in oak barrels. Our oldest whiskey has been aging in a cask for more than 30 years. Every single tasting box contains whiskey, that matured for a specific time. Before we send you your subscription box, you choose the maturation time you wish to try. There is no difference in quality. Every single whiskey from our subscription boxes is just delicious. Older whiskey is a little more expensive though, since maintenance and storage cause extra costs for the manufacturer. best Black Friday Whiskey deals

Christmas gift idea: The best Black Friday Whiskey deals

A whiskey subscription makes an awesome Christmas present. Or can you imagine anything better than a wooden box full of assorted whiskeys? With a box of whiskey you will certainly make the right decision and give proof of your good taste and style. A whiskey makes the ideal present for business partners, family members, for your wife or for your brother. There is almost nobody, who wouldn’t be happy to receive a box full of outstanding whiskeys! best Black Friday Whiskey deals

Combine the best Black Friday Whiskey deals with a special glass or an elegant cocktail set

If you want to surprise a friend or a befriended couple with more than one gift, we recommend to combine our whiskey subscription with another present. Good suggestions our customers usually like are chocolate, truffles or an exquisit whiskey glass. But also with a classic gift like for instance Cuban cigars you can not make a wrong choice! best Black Friday Whiskey deals

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