Crazy about Jack Daniels? Here are 7 expressions you must taste!

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When some people think of Jack Daniels whiskey, they immediately imagine the iconic Old No. 7. But there’s a lot more to this american brand than first meets the eye. Everything from old classics to exciting new formulas can be found for the inquisitive fan of great whiskey. Let’s take a look at some of their most popular offerings, and briefly touch on why you wish you were drinking them this very moment.


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Old No. 7 (Aka Jack Daniels Black)

Jack Daniels No7Each drop of this classic spirit must work its way through 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal if it wants to make its way into your next drink. Those precious dribbles that emerge are changed forever, stripped of their impurities, and ready to be aged into smokey heaven. No wonder this century-old favorite has been beloved by music legends and crusty inlaws alike, and become a household name in its own right.

If you want to know how Tennessee whiskey is supposed to taste, you can’t go wrong starting with Old No. 7.




Other Classic Favorites

There’s a blend of Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey sure to soothe the palate of even the most demanding drinker. Let’s look at a few of the most popular.


Bottle of Jack Daniels Honey near a globeJack Daniels Tennessee Honey

One of the more popular alternatives to the old black label serves up sweet honey to go along with the smokey caramel and vanilla. It’s a sweet combination sure to complement anything it touches.


Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack

Looking for something refined and understated? You’ve found it with the gentleman. For absolute smoothness, it’s put through an entire extra round of charcoal mellowing, which when combined with years of aging offers subtle, complex flavor you can’t find anywhere else.


Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire

Bottle of Jack Daniels Fire

Does regular No. 7 not provide the heat you need? Then you’ll want to set yourself on Tennessee Fire. This cinnamon-infused Tennessee whiskey will warm the cockles of even the coldest heart, and finish so smooth that you’ll wonder where it went.


Jack Daniels Straight Rye

Rye is well-known for adding a distinctive spicy note to the whiskey it helps create. Jack Daniels Straight Rye, while one of their newer offerings, provides a smooth, complex sippin’ whiskey that’ll leave you craving more.


Bottle of Jack Daniels Single Barrel SelectJack Daniels Single Barrel Collection

No matter your preference, there’s a single barrel bottle that’ll brighten your eye.

You’ve got Select, coming in at 94-proof and filled with caramel and spice notes, or Rye, with its distinctive burst of spice that isn’t too bold, but bold enough. There’s also “Proof”, cask-strength whiskey coming in at a whopping-150 proof straight out of the barrel, or Single Barrel Select, a softer 100-proof option still packed full of deep, rich flavor.

Regardless of which single barrel collection you choose, you’ll be blown away by the complex flavor and smooth finish you’ve come to expect from Jack Daniels.

Tennessee Apple

Just in case, when drinking Jack Daniels, you find yourself thinking, “all this is missing is hints of crisp green apples”, you’re in luck since that’s exactly what this special blend of Old No. 7 provides. Sure, it seems like something of a niche, but if you happen to fall into that niche, you’ll be in good hands with Tennessee Apple at your side.


Special Editions

Jack Daniels is no slouch when it comes to special editions, of which they have over 50. There’s everything from the Sinatra Century, in honor of that classy crooner, to the Tribute to Tennessee, the Bicentennial bottle, the River Boat Captain, and many more should you feel the need to explore.


Country Cocktails

Depending on your preferences, you might opt for a fruitier, lighter option. Something sweet and effervescent, something that has a kick, but doesn’t knock you down in the first round. If that sounds like something you (or your more delicate significant other) might like to try, Jack Daniels’ line of Country Cocktails might offer a welcome surprise.


In Conclusion…

Not matter if you prefer time-honored classics like the Old No. 7, or fresh combinations featuring citrus and black cherry, there’s a bottle of Jack Daniels sure to put a smile on your face, or the face of family and friends. So the next time you pick of a bottle of JD, consider a walk on the wild side and try something new. Or forget all that nonsense and stick with the tried-and-true classics. Either way, you’re sure to have a good time!


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