Dewar’s White Label

dewar's white label

Dewar’s White Label

Created by the first master blender of the company A.J. Cameron in 1906, the Dewar’s White Label continues to be a beverage recognized as a great choice.

Dewars White Label bottle
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Features of Dewar’s White Label

Dewar’s White Label is a blended scotch created from about 40 types of grain and malt whiskies, and has as a main ingredient the pure malt from Aberfeldy. This is a smooth, slightly full-bodied whisky and quite nice and tasty at the right time. At start can appear to be a little strong due to alcohol, but it quickly becomes smoother and easier to drink. In addition, it has a smoked taste that will please the lovers of this flavor in Scotches.



The aromas of the Scotch whiskey Dewar’s White Label are slightly smoky at first, with a drizzle of vanilla and honey. When adding a little water, the aromas become sweeter, remembering brown sugar. The malt aroma becomes more intense with addition of water, as well as the smoked aroma. When adding ice instead, the citrus aromas appear in a stronger way.



It has a very sweet start, with a hint of honey. Addition of water will help release other flavors of this whisky, including citrus and smoked flavors. The after taste is a bit long and persistent. When enjoyed with ice becomes less aggressive, smoother and fresher and can be felt the ripe pear flavor.


If you are looking for good value for money, the Scotch whisky Dewar’s White Label is a great choice.


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